Jan. 4th, 2017


Jan. 4th, 2017 11:44 am
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Lol.I'm doing my holiday giving late. Will give Kinsey the pixie doll today. I also ordered a length of brocade ribbon with a squirrel motif to make a bookmark for Tina and picked up a copy of "The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin" for her. (She had given me a faux 1 million dollar bill, with the etching illustrations being of  the Bride of Frankenstein; it'll make a good bookmark for me.)

Did some idea searching for my Craft if Forward projects and so created a new pinterest board, "Doll Brooches". Think I have ideas for most of what I want to do. Will start on the first of them after I get done with the Pixies . Cal's gift is going to be a fox, either a little stuffie or a brooch based on the tattoo I got when we were married, but in 3/d sculpted format, like the image below but probably done in flannel or felt. That's really cute if I can figure out how to do the face pattern similarly.Want to use animal eyes like in the pic, but need to do mock up first so I know what size. Vickie's Bee is going to be a stumpwork bee on a honeycomb with beaded accents, adapted (larger bee) from a lovely jewelery piece I stumbled across.Think I'll probably start with one of those since I have the images/inspiration in my head of what i want to do.

Hannah's pair of pixies first though, and I did get the velour for them in yesterday's post. Am thinking I may do, as my daughter wanted, and applique the body front and inner ears in a lighter blue flannel I have to make the body bi-colour. Need to tweak the pattern still just a bit, elongate the legs just a tad more, maybe another 1/2 inch.  I'm hoping I have the head size right now.  I'll make the two bodies first; then the heads, and then add on the arms and legs. Going to get started on these tonight! I'm going ot visit her in another week or so, and want to have the pxies done by then.

Went out walking at lunchtime; did a mile. It's a silly superstition/habit of mine, if I haven't been active for a while when I do go out the "first" time again- it's for a single mile (even though I know I can do more than that.) Always that babystep to start; besides I was wearing my fashion ankle boots anyway instead of my trainers.

BTW, Kinsey loved her Cornish Pixie! I mean she seemed super thilled, so that made me feel good about my work.


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