Jan. 11th, 2017

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Just jotting down some ideas for later on when I get around to (later this year, during early summer) making up 2 doll/puppets for Kathy's "Crystal Cat-thederal" art piece at the Burning Man festival. The puppets are going to go in the constructed "cathedral" for participants to play and interact with.

I wonder if I could make a doll out of the iridescent material I made the pixies wing's out of, making a "Crystal-Cat" or cat person, may well go anthropomoprhic. It doesn't have much give, and it frays easily, but could use a backing fabric or with a stabilizer. Hobby Lobby had this material in a couple different shiny colours, white, blue, green I think.

Thinking my usual I like the size 24"-36" tall.

Also considering doing a sphynx cat puppet, just because of Gaz. But that would be out of different material, something that wrinkles well. That might make a good marionette, mabe a simple bouncy body and twitchy tail of scrunched/ruched/tied/twisted material and a more detailed expressive head?

Have to consider these works would be displayed out in the elements, on the playa, with lots of dust. Will be more ephemeral than other dolls. May influence materials used, recycled inexpensive is good. May even "burn" them in the end.

Cathedral, so maybe a diety cat, quasi Egyptian look? Crystal eyes or a crystal heart?

Maybe I need to track down a set of Cat based tarot cards for inspiration? A quick ebay browse turns up quite a few cat image decks! Cats are popular. Not sure if any of them are really talking to me though.

Coleen's friend Kathy seems real neat in the few chats we've had so far. Besides being an artist, she's also an ultraruner who is doing a Hawaiian 100 miler this weekend! I'm so jealous. Really need to recommit to my training, just so I'm able to do the Ultra at Burning Man in late August.

Of course, had to do some preliminary Pinterest and image searches (for cat puppets)
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keeping track of this in a separate entry.

-costume wig $44.00;
-blue acrylic eyes. (reborns) $9.00
-swatch set of fleshtone bodystocking material $12.00
-thrift store fabric for body pattern making $7.00
-10 lbs poly-fil stuffing $30.00

Running Total: $102

other future purchases (that I know I'll need)
-dollskin fabric
-machine thread and needles
-armature wire
-weight pellets


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