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Last round of costume working; have got this Masquerade outfit just about all wrapped up and ready.

Decided to leave the lace fall off the mask, it just made things entirely too busy.  Lol, that and B ruined it by saying it looked like a beard. Wonder what project I will eventually use it for? It is lovely stuff.

Got lucky when stopping by Thrift Mart yesterday evening. Found a little black satin (Jessica McClintock brand) clutch purse. It's design is sort of pleated, so it'll be a good accessory to the skirt and outfit. Of course, I  added a brooch to it.  I also found a fancy blouse,  long sleeved with a high neck, to wear! it's sheer black netting material covered over with curliques and floral like designs of satin trim, sort of looks like satouche braiding. I. I added yet another brooch to the front of the neck (am using some of my clear or goldish tone brooches on the outfit).

I just love it when thrift storing turns out well. :)  It's always hit or miss and you never know for sure what's going to be on the racks.

Am still throwing the fur collar around my shoulders with the chatelaine brooch.

Finished embellishing the press on nails, but I need to go to Sally's Beauty or somewhere later on this morning to buy nail glue (as I don't trust the press on adhesive on these) Going to also look one more place for gold lipstick, but I do have gold eye shadow as back up.

Since I've got my outfit for the evening under control, I'm going to do some doll sewing and try one more pixie in cotton using the revised pattern pieces. I got the turning tubes I ordered, so I can practice turning the arms and hands, Thinking if the cotton one turns out well enough, I may put it in the cage I got at HL and give it to Kinsey ; she mentioned she was also a big HP fan. Still waiting on the velour for Hannah's dolls.
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