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 Some things I like about Cloth Doll Making
1) it's a fiber art and that is my media of choice.
2) utiizes costuming, but at a smaller scale, so takes less materials and less time.
3) is realtively quick to make a doll (compared to finishing some other crafts.)
4) I like the figurative aspect
5) It's a good outlet for self portraiture and self expression.
6) offers oppportunites for embellishment
7) tells a story
8)  even art dolls are playful
9) I can practice drawing skills on pattern making and faces
10) There are still new things I can learn about this craft
11) I can develope and further myself and my skills as an artist through making dolls.
12) I like the compliments and response I've gotten to this type of art.
13) Can use all kinds of fabrics and materials.
14) I enjoy the aesthetic and tactile qualities.

Other things I want to work on  (I'm not calling them resolutions) this year.
1)Keeping track of the books I read this year.
2) returning to walk/running and fitness training on a regular basis.
3) go on vacation to the Burning Man festival with my sister (in late August), and be able to walk/run the 50k race there.

Day stuff: Finished watching AHS: Hotel; still think Freak Show is my favorite season. Also watched remainder of Cluea Doll dvds. Made the additional pixie head sample. B bought me a couple locking grips, one small, one large from Harbor Freight and ordered me a medium sized hemostat (same principle). These should come in useful for turning doll parts and stuffing. The larger grips are a bit too unwieldly for smaller parts, but I think they will be a useful size for when I do half size, say 30'+ dolls and life-size larger dolls like Paisley. Am thinking, after I do the pixies, I may do a female doll before returning to my gents.  I want to watch Mimi's dvd before returning to doing a male body (from her pattern). Also been rewatching the Harry Potter pixie clip over and over, trying to capture the look and character of the pixies for my daughter's dolls.  Haven't sewn them yet, but added a couple more  pieces of paisley trim to Paisley's torso; once i do a little bit of embroidery, I'll have the torso all finished. Am considering adding joints to this doll; at least in the legs so she can sit, but will practice on a smaller  jointed doll first.

Brought into work the one completed first draft pixie in his cage to give to Kinsey, but she isn't in til tomorrow. Oh well, he can sit in iis cage in the cupboard until then. Will try downsizing my pix head pattern on the xerox, just a smidge needed.


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