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Project 1: Irish Dress.
Ruthie mentioned that the Dixie Danger Dolls may be participating in the local St. Patrick's Day Parade. I figured I'd get a jump on things and found an inexpensive dress.  I figured for the parade, I could maybe spiffy the dress up with embellished celtic knotwork applique, sort of a pin up version of an Irish stomp dance dress. Otherwise, I could even just wear it for a work dress. This is assuming of course it fits and I don't end up having to send it back. Second pic is a belt I found on etsy, messaged the artist about how much one in my size would cost (as offered, they are long medieval style belts, I'd just want a regular waist belt.) and if he could have it shipped in time. Or I might craft a wider corselet type belt myself to wear over the dress in the area under the bust and to the waist. Or I could put my energy into dolling up a  cheap green wig I have.

Project #2 is from a FB "Craft it Forward" post, that Jason Jacobs initially posted and I forwarded from there
Craft It Forward 2017.
"I promise to make something handmade for the first five people who comment. Depending on who and where you are will depend on what it is. They must in turn post this and make something for the first five who comment on their status.
*The rules are it has to be handmade by you, and they must receive it before 2017 ends.
* It can be something as simple as making a friend a cup of coffee.
Or not......may the odds be ever in your favor!
*It could be a cookie, a drawing, some weirdly crafted object.. you never know".
I will be crafting small gifts for:
Cal Foxx (exhubby who will get a fox)
Melinda Brown (longtime feminist friend; I'll eaither make her a small doll brooch like a mermaid or a hedgehog stuffie)
VIckie Bloom (some sort of bee motif)
Janette Maas (running friend. maybe a turtle)
Kelly Buzan (my cousin)
and, one extra, Starlit Piaulsen (A Dixier Danger Doll, maybe make a set of pasties since the Dolls are exploring expanding into Burlesque this year)

I'm thiinking to make mostly embellished doll brooches in themes that relate to my various friends' interests. That way it's also doll practice on a small scale. And everyone associates brooches with me. I do have a set of pasties already made up, made them last year for the Nassa gift exchange, but then it got canceled due to Heinz' death. Maybe it's time to repurpose them. These are just small projects to put some good creative karma out there in the world.

Project #3 :MAYBE" life size doll commission
This is a huge "if", but I'm checking into it and we'll see. One of the artists, Sharon Mitchell, in the Doll Artist group posted on her Facebook page:
"I have had a request from a man in Indiana, 60 miles from Chicago, who wants someone to make him a life size mannequin doll of a grumpy old lady, to sit in the rumble seat in his 1930 Model A Ford, on show days.His name is Andy, and he saw my pattern of Jeanne, The Innkeepers wife in my Etsy shop, and wrote to me, not realising I live in NZ! I said I would ask in this group, if anyone was prepared to take on the task.I would be prepared to support anyone who wanted to take it on, by email or messaging on FB, and I would give this pattern to anyone who wanted to try it for this purpose, to use as a guide. I do have a pattern for a life size head that is needle sculpted, and I think he would be happy with one made from pantyhose. I have his email address if anyone is interested in a project like this? All consultation would be with him.Anyone up for this challenge living nearby? Please message me for his details"

So, I messaged her and we chattted a bit, and then I emailed the gentleman who had queried her. Asked him some questions about what he is seeking, and to see if he'd be interested in working with me on his doll project. I was honest about my abilites (which are not yet up to par with Sharon's skills). Also asked him for a ballpark figure of what he'd be willing to pay, we'll see the response to that--because I'm thinking at least 500$ if he wants any sort of detail in the doll.

Here's what I wrote to the potentional patron:
"I was referred to you from SFM Cloth Dolls With Attitude's artist/owner Sharon Mitchell who you had contacted about commissioning a life sized doll. While she was unable to take on this project, I might be able to help you out with what you want.
I have created several life sized and near life sized dolls, and enjoy working large. Your project sounds like it could be quite enjoyable to me as an artist.  I would consider myself an intermediate dollmaker, I've been making dolls for years, but I'm still learning and am getting better with my soft sculpture skills on making faces.
What can you tell me about exactly that you are seeking? What size? Will she wear regular clothes or will I have to tailor the costume?  assume you want her jointed to sit; do you also want joints in the arms as well for more posing options?  What character and persona do you want her to express?  Sharon mentioned you had seen her pattern for "Jeanne", would that be a decent starting point for this project? Do you have any kind of deadline for needing the doll finished? Are there any other details you can think of?
A doll of this size would not be inexpensive to craft, life size dolls require rather a lot of materials. And the more detail you want, the more time she will take to create. Do you have a ballpark figure of what you would like to spend? I'm willing to work with you some on price as this would be a learning experience for me, really testing and pushing my skills.
I live in Alabama, but I'm sure we could work out shipping and or delivery (I do have relatives in northern Illinois, somewhat closer to you).
I have attached a few pics of my large scale doll work for you to see. As I said, I am capable of making the faces somewhat more realistic if that is what you prefer.
Please email me back if you would like to discuss things further. I think it's really fun that you want a gal to ride along in your vintage car; (perhaps you'd want her dressed in a similarly vintage outfit as well?) "

We'll see if he writes back and what he has to say. As I remarked, it would be a test of my skills. And Sharon has even offered to provide advice if I do accept the work.In fact, she even sent me one of her pattern downloads (free) becuase it was the image Andy had seen and liked and might provide a starting place for the look of the doll. It would be nice to earn the amount I need for my Burning Man ticket....

Gods, am I going to be busy and creative this year! I better get back to walking daily so I have the energy for all this.

I also had B take a couple more photographs of my Bequest tattoo at a higher resolution and sent them off to AnatomyBoutiqueBooks for inclusion in the book on Anatomy Tattoos. (I didn't realize before the camera could be set to a higher res, and the ones I took previously were smallish for printing--especially since the editor said she was interested in printng my tattoo as a full page if possible.) Will see what I end up with when it actually gets printed. but regardless I'm psyched about being included in an actual print book.
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