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Got one pixie head and body done last night. I like the way it looks, with the bicoloured body and the velour cloth. Also have the rest of the body patterns, for this pixie and the second of the pair, drawn out and traced out on freezer paper ready to put on the fabric, I've decided I like using the freezer paper technique, I can see the sewing lines so much better on the paper. I should be able to get this pixie project wrapped up this weekend.

More email converation with the fellow who wants a life size doll. Working out details of what exactly he is looking for. I quoted him a price of $550-650, we'll see if he agrees to that or not. He said he might just want a torso doll, with no legs; that would make the project somewhat easier. I looked online for similar life size dolls, ones I found ranged in price from $750 lower end to several thousand on the high end. And I bet Lisa Lichenfeld's art cost even more! I'm not of a caliber or reknown to charge that much!  But I could do something like Suzie (but with an expressive nylon sculpted face) for the price quoted; let's hope he thinks it's reasonable. I would take on this commission, not because the old lady doll wanted is that exciting to me, but the opportunity to stretch my skills and to be a "professional" doll maker. Think the buyer had a good attitude for appreciating the art and I like the idea of displaying her in the rumble seat of his vintage car. Besides, I've been spending so much money lately, it would be good to be making some with what I'm learning and doing. (As I said, they earned money would be earmarked for my Burning Man Festival ticket/travel, which is going to be my big vacation with Coleen this year.)

Speaking there of, I took the first step and created my Burning Man profile. Need to do that before the tickets come up for sale and allotment. There is also a possibility that I could do some doll/puppet work with one of C's friends who is going to have an art piece at the festival. Saw pics of Kathy's piece "rat's nest" from last year; it was cool. Just friend requested her on FB, turns out she's an ultrarunner too!

Picking up another cheap book, this one on Embroidering Potraits ideas, inspiration and techniques; it's about making stumpwork faces, just what I need for doll brooches.

Well, yay, I've got another three day weeekend. Possibility of bad winter weather tomorrow and the Decatur City Schools have already closed for tomorrow, so the library has done the same. Another day to craft, and (if the weather isn't too terrible) may meet a friend for brunch. I may even get the pixies done with time to start on Cal's little craft project as well.

Dolls are going to have a merch table at Maggie Meyers again this Saturday night. If the show doesn't get snowed out, I may go over just long enough to buy a calendar and to give Starlit her Craft gift. I'm kind of fudging and giving her a gift I 'd made previously, but it is handcrafted by me and was made to be a gift. And I think its the right gift for her. Think I'll also give her the burlesque dvd to go along with it.
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