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I made a very small teeny tiny fox brooch in felt for my friend Cal Foxx. Working small, it's 2.5" in length, does not mean working fast, still took me several hours to hand stitch this. Going to send him along with the flower as well; I think C is feeling more girly again these days. Wish I could have figured out how to do the fox head I posted the other day, but the fabric store didn't have any foxy colored fabric of the right sort. :(  maybe I'll have to try needle felting someday; which is how the original was made.Still may play around with pattern making though for a while today.;maybe a simple flat head pattern then with drawing and light needle sculpting; if it works out will send it along to Cal too.

As I said, I kind of like the idea of making brooches for folks. I'm just a brooch kind of gal.

It has been and is cold here. No snow though, "snow day "was a bust but I did get Hannah's pixies done on the extra day off from work! I found some cool  iridescent fabric for the wings at Hobby Lobby!  The pixie dolls are about 15" tall or so; what size are pixies? Are they all super tiny or do they come in a variety of sizes? I don't know, but Hannah wanted then  to display on her shelf railing at the top of the room so I figured bigger was a bit better for that. And they do fit nicely in the display cage I have. So, the pixies are the first dolls of the New Year! Still pretty simple and not perfect, but cute enough.
Note to self: look for other sewing feet for machine that allow to see seam line better. Mimi suggests an applique foot. (just picked one up  for 10.00 on Ebay, says it'll fit my machine)

Got several nice responses to posting the pixies on art doll group on FB; one of which was a reply from another Huntsville resident. Turns out she's the president of the Twickingham doll club here in town. She says there are a few cloth doll people in the group, so I will have to check it out. Hope their next meeting doesn't overlap with my work schedule or anything.

Have also been chatting with Coleen's friend Kathy, who is having an art installation at BurningMan. I may make a couple puppets to go along with her piece "Crystal Cat-thedral". It would be so cool to actually have work at the festival! Cloth dolls can ttranslate easily to simple marionettes or hand and rod puppets. Jusr idea thinking on this one for right now.

Back to being cold; I spent most of yesterday evening in bed, just because I was too cold to enjoy doing anything! I'm typing today with my gloves on! Space heaters just dopn't quite cut it for warming all of a room.


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