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Enough back and forth, I emailed the potential doll patron and asked him for a 200.00 deposit; if he responds with the depoisit money, we'll go forward with this project. Ball's in his court and it's up to him if he wants to work with me on "Ruthie Rumble" or not.  If so, I'll get started on her and try to keep motivated and hopefully she won't take me that much longer than Suzie-Rose did. She's going to be wearing clothes, so I'm going to try not to get hung up on body detailing but just have the form look right. The face is going to be the hard part, and the focal point (of course); it's also going to be a new skill for me--learning how to soft sculpt nylon. He wants a caricature face, so I don't have to try for Lisa Lichenfels type realism or anything. Whew. Found some decent turtorials, some pics and some video on youtube.com (in Russian but the pictures are clear and helpful) I can do this, More info later if it pans out.

Getting a "new" used computer. Selling off the used computers from the library.

I made another little fox for Cal yesterday, this one is just the face.(If I had enough time and more material I could get it to look more like the original felted one, as is it's just cutesy and similar.) So, he'll get two little crafts in his package. I should send it off tomorrow morning, as I need to go to the PO to get a pkg of craft trim that been wating for me.

One more hour to my workday Monday. Been pretty busy and pretty weird. Library personenel had to call the cops about some guys panhandling in the parking lot, and call the ambulalnce for an elderly patron who slipped and conked his head on the computer desk.  When the ambulance and EMTs came to transport him, a car ran into the ambulance in the parking lot.

Think I'll finish watching the Mimi's Mannequins instructional dvds tonight. And maybe another episode of Sherlock.
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