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Think I really have done all the research I can into my commission doll project. Need to jump in and start working on it. Hoping to take at least an hour tonight and start on sample faces, doing more over the weekend.

I had a meds appt with psychiatrist (new) today. Kind of a grumpy thick acccented Russian lady doctor, but got my meds and a three month break before another appt. Upping the Vyvanse just a notch, see if it makes any difference to me. Actually, am feeling pretty good overall, just hope that continues and my productivity stays up. Also had a therapy appointment last night;that went ok. She was pleased about my commission and thought it would be a good thing for me. Talked briefly about a later possible commission from her for a set of therapy dollhouse dolls. Going to write my list of "things we need done around the house" on the white board at home, maybe B will see it and work on his part of them. Katherine also mentioned that Icould rent a room in the building her office is in for about 250/mo and use it as a studio space; you know, I could almost afford that! Idea is that if B can't help me with a studio at home, I need something somewhere. (I'd love to get a space at Lowe Mill, but can't easily meet the schedule of hours required open to public). Anyway, somethings to think about.

List (ranked)
1) B's stuff out of dining room for my craft room. Then work on putting my stuff in order.
2) New Fridge (and clean path to get it into kitchen space)
3) PT Cruiser (work on it or gone)

I also had written a catch up emaIl note to my father and told him about the commisiion, he wrote back a couple very encouraging compliments about my talents and skills. Didn't say anything negative or parentally cautionary! That made me feel good too.

Don't have any errands to run at lunch today, so will use the time for a walk. Think I'll walk the mile up Bank Street and pop into the antique store to browse the jewelery cases briefly; window shopping is a good exercise bribe. :) Hope the rain stays away during that hour.

Later: Did get in a 2 mile walk at lunchtime. And I bought a new brooch from Bank Street Antiques as well; a nice inexpensive (20$) circular clear rhinestones and baguettes. Also managed to get a small blister on the bottom of my foot; which was totally my own fault because I could have changed out from my fashion boots to a pair of running shoes I had in the car!

Made an appointment to get my hair done in a couple of weeks at Ruthie's (one of the Dixie Danger Dolls) 5 Points Salon. Going to get my hair trimmed up and colored. Decided it might be worth it to have someone else do the colouring mess. That's on Jan 27 in the am; Josette has a vet's appt in the afternoon, so it'll be a busy enough day. I have gotten a couple patron comments about my hair not being dyed a bright or different color, so I can go back to it for a while again. Thinking maybe green, because I haven't done that often and it will be easy to overdye if I decide to go back to a normal brown. Or maybe I'll just do normal for me and do some shade of purple. :)
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