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Thank goodness most of it is good.

I've decided to go to the Women's March in Nashville this Saturday. Am able to get a ride with Starlit, one of the Dixie Danger Dolls and some other Huntsville women who are going up to the rally. If there was ever a time to be politically active again now is it.

I think I may let myself get pulled off into yet another quick-get-it-done project) andtake tonight/tomorrow to sew up a pink cat-eared hat, to be part of the "Pussy Project". This is women, especially those attending the Marches, standing up for themsleves and their rights after learning of  president-elect Trump's vulgar "locker room"  comments about "grabbing women by the pussy."  It may be a silly symbolic gesture, but it's a gesture. There 's  some wild pink faux fur at JoAnn's (and i have a 40% off coupon) that would make a cute hat, and I could also recycle the use of it for Burning Man, as part of Pink Lightening Camp, and Kathy's  Cat-thederal project.

Found a cat-eared hood pattern DIY tutorial online; looks funky cool and easy to follow.

Also saw a FB post about a marathon challenge Fleet Feet is sponsoring in association with the Make a Wish foundation. It's a sponsored funraiser, similar to what I've done in the past with Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. It's not a race, but a 26.3 mile hike on the Pinhoti trail. Not til end of May, so training and fundraising til then. Anyway,it sounds like a good challenge, a good event and a good cause.

Got the wig I ordered for 'Ruthie". I'm not sure I like it;  definately will have to form the back of the head solidly for a good fit before sewing it around the hairline. and then see how the syle actually works. Still may go ahead and buy another wig I think might work better; I can always keep one or the other of them in my own costume stash.

 Even with going to the march on Saturday, I'll still have Sunday this weekend to do doll work. I'm going to dye (Just want it a bit more fleshtoned) the thermasilk shirt I picked up at the thrift store and craft some practice heads from it mext. Am hoping this stretch silk fabric works; it's got a nice weave/feel to it. I figure i can get faces out of the two sleeves as well as from the shirt front and back.

B had been looking for something of his (and actually even cleaning up a little!) and came across a nice olive green,browns and blues, paisley scarf that had been his mother's I suppose. I'm wearing it today, looped around my neck and pinned on a shoulder with one of my brooches. He told me "you don't have to wear it just because I gave it to you, if you don't actually like it. lol, but I actually do.


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