Oct. 19th, 2008 08:08 am
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While out for my walk yesterday, I was cheered to see all the houses with Halloween decorations up! There was one house with a half dozen carved jack-o-lanterns on the porch. :) But the one scene that made me LOL was the toony plastic ghost and witch figures sharing the yard with an old school plaster religious statue of the Virgin Mary!! (I think Mary resides there year round, and I'd guess that the homeowners didn't even think about the odd juxtapose of halloween and christian imagery, but it made me hoot.)

Book #84
84) Davidson, Andrew. THE GARGOYLE. Doubleday: 2008

I plucked this book off the library display shelves because of it's cover illustration, a woman with angel wings tattooed on her back. Interesting and unconventional love everlasting story (between a man disfigured by fire and a schizophrenic sculptress), lots of intricate stories within stories, with literary, art, history and horror subplots.

I stayed home again last night. Yes,I was working on my art stuff, and am pleased with the way it's coming along. But I'll admit, I've also been quite moody this week and just wasn't up to being social. I don't think I'm regressing into permanent wallflower mode, more like just taking a respite. (Somebody kick me if I am staying in too much?)

5 miles (2.5 walk/2.5 jog)


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