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Head is carved from a generic styrofoam wig head (female); kept paring it down to a near skull (which then got built back up slightly with the addition of tissue paper mache skin) Oversize not quite anime doll eyes. Gaping mouth, one side torn to show teeth and jaw. Proportions intentionally slightly off of true human anatomy. May leave the skin pale white or may tint it (something like greenish-grey or glow-in-the-dark?), eyes red rimmed and some blood-paint on lips and chin.

Am recycling a halloween wig, a shock of wild frizzy red hair, that I originally bought about 10 years ago....among other incarnations, I've used it in a day of the dead costume and later restyled it as a Cyndi Lauper look-a-like. Now, it's pretty much just a fright wig; will have it looking like one half of the skull is bare with shaved or lost hair, and the other side covered by this tangled rats' nest do.

Torso started as a cheap plastic skeleton. Restrung arm joints on cording. Cut and modded the bones some. Added decorative (victorian gingerbread) shapes to collarbone; another fantasy non-human element. Added breast shapes atop the ribs (yeah, yeah, I know they are too full and perky for a corpse, but oh well). Covered torso and arms with thin paper skin.

Have an idea to make a quilted/stuffed set of red velveteen guts, spilling out below the ribs and into a skirt of the green rotten fabric I bought earlier. Don't know how much time I'll have to get fancy with the costume...

Rig up a simple harness to hold the puppet in place against my chest and be able to turn the head and work the arms. (I'll be clothed in black behind the puppet). Don't know if the hands will be sculpted and attached on rods, or if I'll just connect the lower arm bones to my wrists and have my hands (in altered skeleton gloves) be the figure's hands.

Trick is going to be how to make the red and green color scheme more Gore than Christmas... But at the same time she is supposed to be more cute than gross.

Or the real trick will be how am I going to get this done in a few days into a wearable, workable, presentable form? *sigh* At least I'm having fun with it.


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