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Finished up Hannah's Mardi Gras bra. The perfectionist in me sniffs that sewn embroidery and applique would be so much finer than fabric paint, but no time for that. At least it is very festive and fun and Mardi Gras gaudy, and it's done!

However, how stupid can I be? I was also baking last night, with not so stellar results. I had the cakes in the pans and in the oven. About ten minutes later or so, I realize the unopened carton of eggs is still sitting on the kitchen table. I forgot to beat the eggs into the batter!!!!

Sorry...this wasn't supposed to be a vegan recipe...

Of course, I have to try...so I grab the cakes and dump the batter back into the mixing bowl and attempt adding in the eggs; too late--the mixture had already started cooking and the consistency was all wrong for additional ingredients. LOL...the red velvet cake batter looked, for all the world, like nasty clotted blood at this point. (which maybe given the theme of this cake would have been appropriate, but...)

I'll be up late tonight baking again!


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