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Jan. 9th, 2011 04:12 pm
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Guess my body is telling me that it's going to take its own sweet time recovering from my recent high mileage Ultra!

Yesterday, I met up with some other runners for a training run for the upcoming Mountain Mist 50k. I can look at it as I had a nice 13 mile hike, but as a training run on the Monte Sano trails, it was pretty dismal. I just had no energy or any speed, and any number of various aches and pains. I couldn't even keep up with the "old guys", and got outpaced by everyone in the group within the first mile and half. And then I lost my way on the course and ended up running opposite to the others as well! (ha- which at least meant I got to see them all again). Felt like a slow dumb bunny!.

And today I am limping around with a sore foot (right tarsal area) to boot! Am RICEing it, and hoping everything evens out in the next two weeks before the trail race.

Tuesday 3.5 miles
Wednesday 8 miles
Thursday 2 miles/gym
Friday 3.5 miles/gym
Saturday 13 miles trails

Weekly Total: 30 miles; 2 gym sessions. (not a stellar start to this year, but guess I'll take it!)
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3 mile walk (and a nice phone chat with my sister!)

list post

May. 28th, 2009 10:59 am
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to prove to myself I'm doing something today:

--purchased money orders at Kroger (lol---I should quit procrastinating and just reorder some checks for my checking account)
--paid Utility bill at downtown office
--post office, stamps bought and student loan payment mailed
--gas in car
--emailed hannah
--work on time
--reference genealogy query answered
--filed periodicals
--assist patrons
--working on book display ideas for June

--exercise at lunch, 3.5 mile jog, managed to miss the rain showers but did almost twist an ankle on loose gravel on the park path. Even with that, I feel better for getting out there.

--remember to feed kara's kitties after work
--remember to drop June rent payment off at office
--back to Krogers for some groceries
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current weight: 138.6 lb
4 mile jog.

I'm just not disciplined enough to stay on track during vacation/convention weekends, but I'm back to it now.


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