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M Rest
T 3.5
W 3.75
Th 6.5
F Gym
Sat 22 Gym/2 arc trainer GREAT hill and trail long run!!
Sun 12.5 Gym/3.25 treadmill

total= 53 miles 3 Gym sessions

This fleur de lis outline in my "in training" tattoo (#49!) for the Rouge-Orleans Ultra next March. It's on the outside of my lower right leg, where I can see it and be reminded of my goal. I'll get the tattoo coloured and completed after the race....

And a pic of #48, script which pretty much sums up my mental state. :) Have an apointment in two weeks for TATTOO #50; will be something symbolic of my being a twin.

Book #56 Blum, Jenna. STORMCHASERS: A Novel. Newy York, Dutton: 2010.
Twenty years after her bipolar twin brother's penchant for chasing tornadoes leads to deadly consequences and a dark secret they share, Karena Jorge finds out that he has escaped from a psychiatric ward, prompting her to join a band of professional stormchasers in hope of finding her twin.

M 5 mile walk (just to stretch and think)
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M Rest
T 3.5 run/ 3 mile treadmill/ gym session
W 10.5 mile run/ 2 mile arc trainer/ gym session
Th 3.5 mile run
F Rest
S 22 miles trail run/ 1 mile arc trainer/ gym session
Sn 10 mile run/ 1.5 miles stairclimber/ gym session

total miles= 57 miles and 4 weight workouts.

current weight= 140.8 lbs

Finally, a good training week! A couple short days at Delano Park, a couple 10 milers at the Indian Creek greenway, and a long hard 22 miles on the trails at Monte Sano. Nature notes: saw three deer and got hissed at by a snake. The switchbacks up McKays Hollow trail made my calves burn, but climbing/scrabbling up Waterline seemed somewhat more managable than the last time I did it. Weather still too hot, but I'm coping with it. However, the doing the StairMaster in the air conditioned gym made me sweat just as much as running outdoors! I feel like a wuss because currently I can only manange one and a half sets of bicep curls with the 15 lb dumbells before having to scale back to the 12.5 for the remaining reps, but B was trying to make me feel better by saying most girls in the gym don't even try to curl over 10.

Got registered for the Flying Monkey Marathon; the race isn't until late November, but it filled up in less than a half hour after registration opened on Aug. 1!
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Once the rain stopped (almost) today, I went out for a 4.5 mile run.

I felt fine except for a twinge in my lower back. I'm not sure if it was the result of a couple seat-of-the-pants spills on the trail or from carrying a larger/heavier water bottle yesterday? Will do some more stretching.

M 2.5
T 2.5
W 5.75
The 3.5
F 1.5
S 14
Sn 4.5 Total= 34.25 miles

Easy taper week now before the Mountain Mist next Saturday!
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+ It was warmer today, about 50 degrees.

-However, it felt coolish and damp, as it was raining when I left the apartment to go run today. And it rained most of the nearly 4 hours I was out.

+I didn't let the rain stop me. (not even when I had to go back to the apartment when I realized that I was wearing my road shoes and not my trail shoes)

+ I ran 1bout 11 miles of trails and three of roads; the trail was all part of the Mountain Mist course.

+The race trail marker/flags were up already, so I was able to follow the exact course I'll be doing next week. I feel better about having a idea of where I'm going. Think I've probably practiced on about 70% of the race course.

+I did the Waterline climb!!!! Although Ice-line was more like it! I wished I had a camera to take a pic of the ice falls over the rocks. When I got to the top, I let out a loud holler of success; I hope I have the lungs to do the same next week when the climb comes at mile 24 instead of just after 4.

-The rain made the rocks slick. And there was still some ice to navigate as well. And plenty of mud. I felt I was having to move too slowly to keep my footing at times. I'm too much of a wuss about downhills. I slipped a few times as it was---my legs and tights were filthy by the time I finished.

-I'm still fretting about making the cut off times/checkpoints in the race. I hope race day adrenaline and competitive/camaraderie helps me shave enough time off my pace. And there is no way in hell I can maintain an even pace throughout; the terrain varies too much for that. I did purposefully take it easy and cautious today, not wanting to hurt myself--better to risk a possible DNF (did not finish) in the race itself rather than a DNS (did not start) because of pushing a race pace today. I'm worried though. I know with "flat" road races, my training pace is significantly slower than my race pace, but I'm not sure about how I'll do with the added trail difficulty factors.

Book # 1

Jan. 15th, 2010 02:42 pm
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1)Karnazes, Dean. Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner. Tarcher: 2006.

And if you think *I* am a crazy runner...how about this ultra athlete who regularly runs 100+ mile events, ran a 199 mile "Relay" as a solo one person team, and who did a marathon at the South Pole! And he manages to have a wife, kids, and a job too...

Lol...wish I could get by on his average of 4 hours of sleep a night!

Off to a slow start with the books this new year, but this is #1!

exercise note: and all I got in today F was a wimpy 1.5 mile walk.... :)
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Sn 13
M 5
T 3
Th 7.5
F 25 *Jan 1, 2010
S 2.5 Total=56 miles (YTD=27.5)

Printed off the 16 pages of topo maps for Mone Sano; I'm going to lay them out on my living room floor, tape them all together, and then highlight the Mountain Mist course.

Think I may go back out to the Land Trust tomorrow morning and do the section with Waterline again; running it in the same direction as the race and actually face doing the the rock scrambling section (which I avoided yesterday).

I'm still not 100% certain how I'll do in the MM (as my first trail 50k), but I am damn sure going to give it my best effort.
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Well, actually, I started it on trail...25 miles of trails.

Honestly, I'm not quite sure of the distance; it could have been a mile or two more or less. I got to rambling on the loops of intersecting trails in the Land Trust, but figured I did about 10-11 miles there and then did 14 up the road in Monte Sano.

I was on the trails for 7 hours. Definitely not a race pace day; my (relatively) fastest miles were about 14 minutes per and others (on the harder sections of trail) were slower than that. Just loping along and taking it easy, putting in the time and long miles was the goal for today. Some of the Land Trust trails are going to part of the MM race course (as well as what I did in the state park); I feel better for at least having some idea of what they are like now. I can't believe I've lived here three years and this is the first time I've gone hiking there!

I SWEAR I am so directionally impaired; I have absolutely no sense of direction! I think I may need a bloodhound or a seeing eye dog (or a St. Bernard rescue dog with a keg of brandy) to help me get through an actual trail race. I'm so worried about losing my way in the Mountain Mist and not making cut off times because of wasted time and effort. lol..didn't help matters today that I misjudged times somewhat and ended up running the last 3/4 of a mile of trail in the DARK!

I think the Goat trail section in Monte Sano is my favorite bit of trail; 2.6 miles of gradual switchbacks. Very nice. Although the Land Trust has some great scenic sections, some with waterfalls and running water; I like (part of) the Waterline trail, but it's going to be a bitch in the race at 24 miles and doing it uphill (and I was a wuss and didn't do the rock climbing/scrambling section).

It was a bit muddy. My shoes are well worn in. I slipped and fell on my butt once, grazing a scrape on the heel of my left hand on the sit down, a couple other stumbles on rocks and such but nothing too serious. Was clearer but colder than yesterday; hope race day in 3 weeks isnt any worse or I'm going to need another layer of clothing. As it was, I wished I had a set of mittens to put over my gloves part of the time (but earlier I'd had my gloves off), and I was pretty cold by the time I finished.

I fueled up with a meal replacement protein bar and a cup of hot coffee before the run, and had two GU and a Cliff bar and 30 oz water during. Do think it worked better for me with less GU and some slightly more solid snackage; my stomach was fine. For maximun energy though, I maybe could have used one more package of GU or another additional energy snack. Want to try to find some ginger candy too.
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January 141
February 133.75
March 146.5
April 92.5
May 68
June 82.75
July 111.75
August 150
September 177
October 188.75
November 189.5
December 93 (+whatever I do tomorrow)

Total= 1,564 (+tomorow's distance)
I'm comfortable with doing my training with a back and forth pattern of easy-hard days within a week, but it kind of looks like my months varied as well; is that ok?
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I'm back home sipping a Starbuck's latte after meeting up with some friends and running the 5K Turkey Trot race over on the UAH campus.

It was nice to meet [livejournal.com profile] we_like_you, who will be running her first marathon next weekend in Memphis! Dana-- you did GREAT for being under the weather and all; take it easy this week and you'll do fine in the St. Jude's race. And it was also good to see Noelle again. I'm glad both ladies were able to spot my pink shoes and found me in the crowd of 1200 runners!

I'd neglected to preregister, and by the time I got there before the race this morning, they had handed out ALL the race numbers to a much larger field than expected! So, I wasn't officially registered in the race, but that's okay; race officials allowed everyone to run, it's not like I NEED another race t-shirt and it saved me spending the $20. :)

I think if Dana had been feeling well (and hadn't tweaked an ankle at the turnaround), we probably could have run together the whole way. (lol--looking like mutt & jeff tho, she's tall and I'm short!) But as it was I ended up finishing between her and Noelle. Noelle's got a bit of a quicker pace and a competitive spirit; I think I may have to beg her to run with me occasionally so I can get in some faster workouts!

Weather was cool but clear. Course was nice, with only one hill! *Puff with pride* Several runners commented on the Flying Monkey Marathon shirt I was wearing.

My time for the 3.1 mile course was 29:08. That's what, about a 9:23 pace?

However....(this is what one risks running even a short race 4 days after a marathon)I strained one of my right hamstring muscles. Not badly, but...I'm going to baby it the next couple of days or however long it takes to recover.

Well, I've got to get busy and decorate a cake to take to Thanksgiving Dinner later with friends over at Tina & Dan's. Given my anti-family-holiday sentiments and Dan's raunchy sense of humor, I'm making a "boob" cake.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!
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I had my physical fitness assessment appointment this morning. Much was as I figured it would be (good levels for cardio, low but passable on strength) and some things were notable.

LOL...I guess I am a "zombie". It turns out I've got a light heatbeat (and cold hands) and the monitor on the exercise equipment wasn't picking up and recording my hearbeat. Trainer had to take my pulse by hand the old fashioned way. Heartbeat and blood pressure are fine.

Felt like a wuss doing the strength tests, especially crunches and push ups. But core and upper body strength are what I came in wanting to improve! Gotta start somewhere.

Had a caliper "pinch" test for body fat composition. Holy Skinny Cow! My body fat percentage is 15%. That puts me as "lean". fyi: below 12% would be worrisome/unhealthy, and long distance runners tend to have lower end numbers. Trainer didn't think there was any reason for concern. However (note to self) I'm going to ask my doctor (I have a general and gyn physical exam scheduled in two weeks) about bone density and estrogen levels.

Think I'll take a walk today at lunch (up to Subway for a sandwich maybe), but keep it easy--not much running at all between now and Sunday!

Forecast is up to 40% chance of showers on Sunday. :( Just have to use the 60% otherwise to run around the raindrops, I guess!

later random edit: One of my LJ friends, [livejournal.com profile] girlnamedxena is a performer and does juggling and unicycle riding. Isn't that cool? Ordinary bicycling or swimming does not appeal to me much at all (so no triathalons in my future), but I was thinking a unicycle could be fun to crosstrain on!

Heather's odd options for crosstraining activities:
ice skating
rollerderby skating
kangaroo (jump not hide) boots

lol...pondered the girl just getting around to adding strength training to her schedule. :)

1.5 jog/1.5 walk (and about 30 minutes in the gym)


Nov. 8th, 2009 02:15 pm
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M 3/2
T 3.5
W 2.75
Th X
F 17.5
S 2.5
Sn 9 Total= 40.25 miles

2 weeks til the Flying Monkey Marathon!!!!

Current weight: 121.4 (-1.2) Hmmm... Tapering my miles the next two weeks means I'll be expending less calories. So, I'm a bit unsure if I should still bump my calories up a bit, or if I just keep my intake about the same as the last couple weeks, will it balance out? Looking to hold steady or a slight gain. Eat mindfully though, watch the fat and junk; enough protein and a bit of extra carboloading the week before the race.


Nov. 7th, 2009 07:54 am
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There is an upcoming local charity race. The Krispy Kreme Chalenge: run 2 miles-eat a dozen doughnuts--run 2 miles in 60 minutes. http://www.ucp.org/ucp_localdoc.cfm/27/13349/6788/6788-6788/9411

Good cause (benefits United Cerebral Palsy) but I think I'll pass...

(KK glazed doughnut)250 calories 12g fat X 12= 3000 calories and 164g fat. And four miles of running is about a calorie deficit of only -350 calories.

*guilty sigh* The thought pretty well disgusts me now, but there was a time I prolly coulda bolted the dozen doughnuts in a binge....

Lol..but now that would lead to a sugar headache and other discomforts for sure and is not what I want to be doing for carbo-loading the day before the Flying Monkey Marathon!

Did 17.5 miles yeasterday.(LOL..I mean yesterday; must still be thinking about those doughnuts!) It was just TOO nice a day not to go to the park and hit the trails. However, it was also a bit discouraging---as I stated off trying to follow the McKay's Hollow trail, but lost the trail markings about a mile in and gave up and turned around! All the falling leaves made the trail hard to follow, and the yellow paint blazes must of blended in with the Autumn colours too. Oh, well, McKay's is a bit technical anyway, and I guess I didn't need to be pushing it during my first race taper (it's all downhill, less miles and easier from here til race day, and note 17.5 miles is a easier effort than last week's long 22). Besides, I don't want to twist an ankle or get lost or something equally stupid. So, ended up just doing the easier North and South Plateau Loop trails, as well as roads in the park and Bankhead to and from 5 Points.

Note to self: Get a trail map from the park office. Email local running club and get advice on training for the Mountain Mist. Try to find someone to SHOW me the trails; maybe hiking the rougher portions with a partner first would be a good idea. And then train like hell on them for the next 10 weeks.

Bought a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 shoes from Fleet Feet for my road shoes. I should be all set on footwear now for training and getting through my currently planned races. I now have my Montrail trail runners, and the Newtons and Mizuno's to swap back and forth training and road racing. Guess I've gotten over my fidelity to the Nike Swoosh. The Mizunos feel good on my feet, but not so much as a fashion statement. Lol; the color way does include purple, but it's paired with gold and silver. Reminds me of my old High School (Civic Memorial Eagles!) colors of purple and gold.
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11.5 miles. Nice run today; even if the sun didn't come out til after I was finished :)

Stopped by the apartment office to pay my Nov. rent and give them a long list of maintenance requests: 1)Hall carpet was wet again last week (when the building's water was being worked on--water leak somewhere?) 2)Definite water leak from overhead apartment, luckily into my bathtub, but ceiling plaster falling into tub and water dripping down the wall. 3)Light fixture/globe over kitchen sink is stuck. 4)wall heaters need adjusting before weather turns colder. Cheap rent; cheap apartment; go figure.

My Halloween costume is coming along! Sounds funny to say I crafted a large intestine last night. I guess the concept could be described as a "pretty on the inside" cadaver/zombie. Sure, it's last minute (*sigh* as are all my projects), and it probably won't end up as over the top froufrou as I could have made it--but it'll be done for the morning race (and hopefully other evening activities..."gongshow" and dance at Flying Monkey) on Halloween Day. Need to make a run by the Halloween store on my break today for makeup.


Oct. 25th, 2009 11:01 am
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M 5/2
T 4.5
W 13/1.75
Th 3
F x
S 19
Sn 5 Total= 53.25 miles

Long run yesterday was great. All trail work up at Monte Sano. I wore my new trail shoes and was VERY pleased with them. Sure, I still ran into roots and rocks, but didn't kill myself doing so! Felt much more confident of my traction and like I wasn't flailing around so much to keep my balance. Was able to keep my head up more and look a bit further down the trail, not having to look at my feet every step. My ankles and feet hurt so much less than after the last couple of trail runs I've done. NO blisters--and I did 19 miles the first time I wore them.


Oct. 18th, 2009 02:52 pm
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M 4
T 2.5
W 9
Th X
F 23.8
S 4
Sn 6.2 Total=49.5 miles
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9 mile jog. Dreary, drizzling, misting, almost rain all the way.

Went to FleetFeet today and shopped around for trail shoes. LOL... the pair they recommended is called "Mountain Masochist"; how appropriate! But I ended up coming home and ordering a pair of these NorthFace brand ones on-line. They are a shade lighter (but still with a good sole and construction), and (as a discontinued model) significantly less expensive.

Besides, (what can I say) I liked the bright yellow...here it's called "papaya" but it made me nostalgic for the banana yellow Nikes I bought for the very first race I ever entered (circa 1978).

Still, I do want to shout out for FleetFeet; the folks at the store were nice and helpful! And I picked up the registration form for the local Halloween run while I was there.
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M 11/2
T 3.5/2.5
W 2.5/6
F 18.5
S 2.5
SN 10

Total= 58.5 miles!

So, maybe taking a couple of easy/rest days last week when I didn't feel well paid off? Or maybe working toward a better balance in my diet helped too? Anyway, I'm feeling strong. :)
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Currently 301 registered runners (of 340 avaiable spots); YAY! There's my name on the list!

About 50 women to 250 guys. A few other women in my age group. Fyi: I note these facts for comradery more than competition. :) I should check at FleetFeet (local running store and race sponsor) and see if there is a (slow but steady) training group?

This one is going to take some serious committed training! Oh yeah, I'm going to have to get used to the trails. I'm not totally wasted today, but (close enough) I definitely feel yesterday's effort! Once I get past The Flying Monkey Marathon in November, my focus really shifts to trail running and training for the 50k.


Blew out major holes in the mesh uppers of my Nikes (and the soles are wearing down badly too). I'm saving my Newtons for road work and races; don't think they'd hold up very long on rough trails anyway. So, soon as I can, I need a new pair of trail runners

First Goal: FLYING MONKEY MARATHON Nov. 22 I'm on track for this race!
Second Goal: MOUNTAIN MIST 50K TRAIL RUN Jan. 23
Third Goal: DELANO PARK 12 HOUR RUN March 13

Later edit: 2.5 mile recovery walk
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18.5 miles.

Hills and trails workout (and I'm worn out!)

5 Points intersection up to Monte Sano (3.5 miles and 3.5 on return); South Plateau Loop (3.5), Mountain Mist Trail (5 total for out and back); Sinks and Keith Trails (3).
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M 3/2
T 2/6
W 5
TH 2.5
S 7.5
SN X Total= 27.5

Lower mileage and no long miles workout due to being sick with a cold. But I think *Hope* I'm all better now!

Started off this week with a 11 mile run this Monday morning. Plus a 2 mile breaktime walk.

Current weight= 124.8 (-1 lb change since last week)

Monday food*:

.5 pita 65k 3p
tuna 100k 22p
carrots 100k v v v
trailmix 290k 8p

refried beans 200k 12p v v
spanish rice 200k 6p
salsa 80 vv

pretzel sticks 100k 2p
cheese 90k 6p m m

lemon drops 100k

coffee w/creamer** 100k

.5 pita 65k 3p
crab flakes 80k

1570k p=70g v=7 m=2

*Sunday food was basically grazing through all the carbs in the kitchen; not a binge, but not real balanced meals or mindful eating. 2 bran muffins; 1 english muffin; protein bar; large bowl oatmeal; scrambled eggbeaters, 1 slice cheese on 1 english muffin. Spent the day (in bed recovering from a cold)doing my best imitation of a housecat, sleep, nibble, sleep, nibble, sleep some more.

**note to self: buy some milk to have at work; I might as well be getting some protein and calcium instead of using processed non-nutriative non-dairy creamer in my coffee.


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