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13) Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. New York: 2004.

More fluff. Really, I've got like 10 books checked out from the library in my waiting-to-be-read stack, and all of them are much more quality and content filled. (Including a NEW Christopher Moore novel!!!)

The Looking Glass Wars / by Frank Beddor. (fantasy)
Carnival, American style : Mardi Gras at New Orleans and Mobile / Samuel Kinser ; photographs by Norman Magden. (nonfic)
Strong women stay young / Miriam E. Nelson with Sarah Wernick. (nonfic)
Called out of darkness : a spiritual confession / Anne Rice.* (nonfic memoir)
What I talk about when I talk about running : a memoir / Haruki Murakami. translated from the Japanese by Philip Gabriel. (nonfic memoir)
The house of sight and shadow : a novel / Nicholas Griffin. (historical fic)
Alabama stitch book : projects and stories celebrating hand-sewing, quilting, and embroidery for contemporary sustainable style / Natalie Chanin with Stacie Stukin. photography by Robert Rausch. (nonfic)
Fool / Christopher Moore. (fic)
The Séance/ Harwood, John, (historical fic)
Real world/ Kirino, Natsuo.** (fic)

*Had to "force" myself to get this one, and will read it with gritted teeth, but think I need to give the author a fair chance. Yes, it's that Ann Rice, of the lovely once upon a time soft core porn and classic vampire novels, and this memoir is about her rediscovering her Christian faith.
** the jacket blurb called this novel "feminist noir", how could I resist a genre tag like that?

5 mile jog. Actually got my butt up and out early this morning and went jogging before work. :) Total for week: 30.5 miles.

I went to a social munch last night, held at Terranova's Italian restaurant. I had spent way too much time obsessing over what I should or shouldn't eat; finally decided to just order what I really wanted-- the incredibly delicious vegetarian lasagna. (And I cleaned my plate..) YUMMY! Another reclaim....last time I'd been to this restauant was a dinner date with the ex.

Oh, I bartered with a friend; he picked up my dinner bill and I'm baking him a cheesecake.

Also had a nice computer chat to round out the evening.


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