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I had my physical fitness assessment appointment this morning. Much was as I figured it would be (good levels for cardio, low but passable on strength) and some things were notable.

LOL...I guess I am a "zombie". It turns out I've got a light heatbeat (and cold hands) and the monitor on the exercise equipment wasn't picking up and recording my hearbeat. Trainer had to take my pulse by hand the old fashioned way. Heartbeat and blood pressure are fine.

Felt like a wuss doing the strength tests, especially crunches and push ups. But core and upper body strength are what I came in wanting to improve! Gotta start somewhere.

Had a caliper "pinch" test for body fat composition. Holy Skinny Cow! My body fat percentage is 15%. That puts me as "lean". fyi: below 12% would be worrisome/unhealthy, and long distance runners tend to have lower end numbers. Trainer didn't think there was any reason for concern. However (note to self) I'm going to ask my doctor (I have a general and gyn physical exam scheduled in two weeks) about bone density and estrogen levels.

Think I'll take a walk today at lunch (up to Subway for a sandwich maybe), but keep it easy--not much running at all between now and Sunday!

Forecast is up to 40% chance of showers on Sunday. :( Just have to use the 60% otherwise to run around the raindrops, I guess!

later random edit: One of my LJ friends, [livejournal.com profile] girlnamedxena is a performer and does juggling and unicycle riding. Isn't that cool? Ordinary bicycling or swimming does not appeal to me much at all (so no triathalons in my future), but I was thinking a unicycle could be fun to crosstrain on!

Heather's odd options for crosstraining activities:
ice skating
rollerderby skating
kangaroo (jump not hide) boots

lol...pondered the girl just getting around to adding strength training to her schedule. :)

1.5 jog/1.5 walk (and about 30 minutes in the gym)


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