Dec. 6th, 2009 11:38 am
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M Rest
T lazy
W 2.5
Th 2.5
F 11
S 2
Sn 8 total= 25 miles

My hamstring isn't hurting much anymore, and it really does feel okay to run slowly on it, but my daughter pointed out last night--it is bruised! Sheesh! Guess I'll just see how things go this week.

STERN note to self: Yes, I'm going to try running/walking in the Rocket City Marathon next Saturday. HOWEVER, I will drop out if my hamstring tweaks on me again.

current weight: 122 lbs. Holding steady.

Oh, I found out about another 50K trail run in Alabama. It's in February. I think I am going to register for it and have it as a backup or secondary plan to the Mountain Mist-- if I DNF because of not making the cut off times, sickness/injury, weather/race cancellation, or other worse case scerarios. http://www.blackwarrior50k.com/


Nov. 30th, 2009 09:18 am
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T 4/2 walk
W 3.5 jog
Th 3.1 race*
F strength training
S 4 walk
Sn 6 walk Total= 22.6 miles

Current weight: 122.2 lbs (-2.2) See, my weight leveled back off again, and (with the holiday in there) I definitely wasn't restricting harshly this week.

*5K Turkey Trot. Quite satisfied with the race, but not with also straining a hamstring muscle. It's getting better now, but I can still feel it and am still taking things easy. *grumble, grumble*
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124.8 lbs

Up +.8 from last week, but some fluctuation was to be expected...

slightly less miles than the previous week (but, not a problem, my training is on target)

being more mindful about eating most days (appropriate calories and nutrition)

one unmindful sugar binge (negative) "seek progress, not perfection"

one social splurge meal (IHOP with the gang for a late dinner on Saturday evening--this I should not feel guilty about)

Later Edit: 5 mile fast paced run; would have liked to do more, as the weather was sunny and great, but that's all I had time for (household chores and errands to do too before work.)
Later still: 2 mile walk at breaktime.
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Current weight: 124 lbs. (-.8 lb)

So, I'm still figuring out this eating enough and well thing, and I dropped almost another pound this past week. It's still really messing with my mind, as well as my body, to be concerned about UNDER rather than OVER eating and weight.

If my only goal were fitness, I realize my exercise amounts would be excessive, but they are appropriate for my long distance race training.
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M 3/2
T 2/6
W 5
TH 2.5
S 7.5
SN X Total= 27.5

Lower mileage and no long miles workout due to being sick with a cold. But I think *Hope* I'm all better now!

Started off this week with a 11 mile run this Monday morning. Plus a 2 mile breaktime walk.

Current weight= 124.8 (-1 lb change since last week)

Monday food*:

.5 pita 65k 3p
tuna 100k 22p
carrots 100k v v v
trailmix 290k 8p

refried beans 200k 12p v v
spanish rice 200k 6p
salsa 80 vv

pretzel sticks 100k 2p
cheese 90k 6p m m

lemon drops 100k

coffee w/creamer** 100k

.5 pita 65k 3p
crab flakes 80k

1570k p=70g v=7 m=2

*Sunday food was basically grazing through all the carbs in the kitchen; not a binge, but not real balanced meals or mindful eating. 2 bran muffins; 1 english muffin; protein bar; large bowl oatmeal; scrambled eggbeaters, 1 slice cheese on 1 english muffin. Spent the day (in bed recovering from a cold)doing my best imitation of a housecat, sleep, nibble, sleep, nibble, sleep some more.

**note to self: buy some milk to have at work; I might as well be getting some protein and calcium instead of using processed non-nutriative non-dairy creamer in my coffee.
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Starting weight: 6/2008= 225 lbs
"Goal" weight: 3/2009= 142 lbs
Current weight: 9/22/2009= 125 lbs


I was pretty much satisfied with my weight loss where it was last March. I thought, this is good; I can be happy and healthy with this. In the six months since then, I've basically been trying to maintain. But I've also kept increasing my exercise, so I've actually continued to lose, at a slower rate, about an additional 15 pounds. I'm not unhappy about that; it puts my BMI numbers and such pretty much square in the middle of the healthy range. However....(I know I've said this before and kind of feel like I'm "crying wolf", but I do mean it!) I've definitely gotten to the point now where I don't need or want to lose any more!

Here's the tmi truth of it...I've been a yoyo dieter for decades and have lost and regained significant amounts of weight time and again. Back in 2004-2005, I also lost 100+ pounds and then regained it ALL by 2006. I DON'T want that to happen again!

I know what to do (keep up the healthy habits, be mindful about nutrition, and don't ever become sedentary again), but I'm scared sh**less of being able to maintain the loss and being able to stay at a healthy weight.

body notes

Sep. 21st, 2009 08:58 am
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current weight: 125.2 lbs.

Obviously a dip due to yesterday's 20 miler, and no doubt will balance out a bit higher again in a day or so...

Maybe though I coulda/shoulda had that slice of pecan pie at Waffle House last night.

Observations: NEVER satisfied. I was in situations Saturday and Sunday nights to observe some other people's bodies in various states of undress. At one party event most of the other women were larger and fleshier than I am. They all looked so voluptuous; I felt scrawny and flat chested in comparison. Sunday was a burlesque performance..a range of body types in the troupe, but all young, perky, and exuberant in their motions. lol...I need to embrace the number the Posey Peep Show girls did called "the cellulite tango".

Fangirling aside: I LOVED the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow (from Coney island) who performed with the local Posies. They did some very interesting things with their bodies; like sword swallowing with fire and blockhead acts. Sigh...major fangirling...I wanna be Insectavora....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV85CYTdWkA

I also had gone window shopping over at Bridge Street on Sunday afternoon. There is a place called Papaya that has trendy fun clubwear sorts of stuff; I felt "guilty" shopping there---they cater to a young stickgirl clientele; no plus sizes at all. The feeling I got was that I was an interloper, someone just "passing for thin" and hip.

Later edit: Darn it...I have a blister on my left midsole from long miles in rain damp socks yesterday. I'm sure my foot will be fine an a day or so, but it's annoyingly tender today. Where's my ducttape? (seriously, ducttape works well for covering bandaged blisters and reducing friction)
4 mile stretch/walk.


Sep. 14th, 2009 08:24 am
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It's a rainy Monday morning. Blah. Guess I'll take it as a sign to do a post-long day rest day; or just go for walkies at break time if it clears this afternoon. Grr...looks like a lot of rain in the forecast for this week; will just have to workout around the raindrops.

current weight: 128.8 lbs

later edit: Haven't bought anything yet, but spent sometime browsing and idea shopping at Hobby Lobby and Hancock's today before work. Trying to figure out how to turn various fabrics and trims into frilly pastel zombie guts.

Hey [livejournal.com profile] danabren, how do you decide what is tacky/gaudy/outrageous "good" and what won't work for "something awful" projects like this and your Cthulhu outfit?

fyi: Did you know that the human large intestine is approx. 5 ft in length and 2" in dameter; the small intestine is 23 ft long and about an inch in diameter.

Feeling kind of cranky today; blame it on the weather.

later still: 2.5 mile walk. *shrug: better than nothing*
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training miles:
M 8
W 10
Th 3.5
F 2.5
S 1/6.2/3.1/1/5.2 (16.5)
Sn 5 TOTAL= 45.5 miles

current weight: 130.4 lbs

The Monte Sano Road Races results are up on the Huntsville Track Club's website.
http://www.huntsvilletrackclub.org/index2.htm There were over 800 runners in the events!

The odd string of mileage numbers for Saturday translate into 1 mile warm up/ 10k race/ 5k race/ 1 mile fun run/ 5.2 solo trail miles.

My official 10k time was 1:01:15, finishing in place 290 out of 384. That's fine by me. :)
And my time in the 5k was a slower 34:02, finishing 138 out of 221 in the women's division (results recorded separately from the 225 male finishers).

Starting off this week, still in recovery mode, with 3 miles.
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14 miles. Indian Creek Greenway. No hills this weekend, but I did get my miles in.

T 2.5/6
W 2/5
TH 3.5
F 3.25
S 5
Sn 14 Total= 41.25 miles

Current weight: 130.6 lbs (holding steady)
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current weight: 130.6 lbs
(-1.2/wk) Not surprising as a result of yesterday's killer long workout, but REALLY I had eaten more (and eaten out at restaurants more) this week as well! Will try to balance things out this week.

weekly miles:
M 5
T 2.5
W 3.5/ 5
Th X
F 3.5
S 2
Sn 17 Total= 38.5 miles

And, yes, it's also not surprising that I'm a bit achy and fatigued today from pushing myself yesterday. Will go out and stretch/walk a couple of miles later today, but am going to take it easy.
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I've been having a good weekend.

17 mile long workout today. Up and down the hills in Percy Warner Park in Nashville. Great training for the marathon there in three months! Weather was great. I felt great. Had eaten a bit more than usual yesterday, but most of it was fairly healthy, and I had some coffee before the run and a protein bar snack (and a bottle of water) during it. I don't think I'd want to drink caffeine all the time during a run (although some ultramarathoners swear by RedBull type drinks) but a little bit can be a boost.

The thought I had in my head was "food is for fuel, not for feelings". But that's not quite accurate. Maybe more of "food is for fuel, not for frustrations"; I need to eat to nourish my body but I also like the social aspects of shared food, and the sensual enjoyment of good food. Not all feelings about food are bad. For instance, some of yesterday's eating was birthday treats-not binges but special and specially enjoyed food.

I'd gone out to lunch with my best friend Mel (THANK YOU!); we had lunch from the food bars at Wild Oats and then went shopping and picked up a few more healthy items at Trader Joe's. I had some quite tasty tofu and veggies and a couple bite sized bakery tartlettes (one chocolate mousse with raspberries and one walnut maple flavored--after tasting that, and after looking at the other bakery items, I've decided to make maple frosting for my birthday cake and coat the sides of the cake in crushed walnuts). Later, Hannah and I went out for Sushi for dinner.

Also spent some time on the run thinking more about my "pedestrienne" costume.
Someone had posted to [livejournal.com profile] steamfashion about these bags:
http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=29693127 and I thought that would be a great "bustle" for my running outfit! Wondering if I should just buy one or if I should just borrow the idea and make my own, adding a water bottle holder and tweaking it to be more of a well designed runner's carry pack. Something utilitarian like that really adds to the steampunk and not just fashion image and appeal! Also, fyi, I did go to the fleamarket yesterday and bought myself two costume items--- a clock key (to wear on a necklace) and a VERY pretty and quite possibly vintage black taffeta bodice! (I think I've pretty much got all my "widow weeds" wear now.)

I also pondered how I like the term "pedestrienne". I am not FAST enough to consider myself a "racer" or "runner" these days, and "jogger" just sounds so mundane. But "pedestrienne" correctly identifies one as moving on foot but doesn't just refer to one particular mode or speed, and it's got a nice little feminine flair!

LOL...doing 17 miles, I obviously had plenty of time to think about plenty of things! :)

couple other mundane notes:
Hannah and I had a tiff over if she was going to join Melinda and I for lunch yesterday, with my "child goddess" being bitchy at being left out. We mommy-daughter made up later on. And then Hannah spent an hour helping me unlock my "I'm a ditz and I locked my key inside" car! It was funny, she tried and tried and was just saying "OK, I give up" when she managed to successfully snag the door handle on a coat hanger wire threaded through the window and popped the door open!
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M 6
W 8
Th 3.5
F 3
S 10.5
Sn 6.5 Total miles for week= 37.5

Current weight 131.8 lbs. (note to self: that's down another pound; if I'm going to run more, I can eat more!)

Current food fixation: LUNA BARS!

Luna Bars are vegan and nutritious. Each Luna bar has 170-180 calories, yet includes 23 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that contribute to women's overall health and fitness. In addition to 10g soy protein, the nutrients in Luna include calcium for strong bones; 100 percent of daily folic acid needs; B-vitamins; iron and antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C and E.

Lunas taste like a guilty pleasure. (lol..the chocolate peppermint flavor reminds me of Girl Scout cookies!) Yes, they are rather processed and not wholefoods "Natural", like an apple off of the tree, but it's surely a better alternative than a lot of things you could grab when you're craving something chewy, chocolaty or sweet. They are satisfyingly filling and work well as a snack or energy bar boost.

Later edit: 5 mile jog. Knees are a bit achy after the weekend's trail hiking.

Best thing eaten today: fresh blackberries and banana slices. Yummy!
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Current weight: 132.8 lbs. Seems that I've slipped into weight loss mode again these last two weeks.

Thoughts on that later..

but I feel like this storybook character: http://www.bearzabout.com/camel.jpg (That's the camel with the wrinkled knees from the Raggedy Ann books) Only my wrinkles are on tummy, butt and thighs where I have loose skin from all the weight loss. Also known as the post weight reduction Shar-Pei look. :/

later edit: 6 mile jog.
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Since today is my day off, I was lazy and stayed in bed til about 9 am this morning; thinking, "I can sleep in and do my workout this evening"...until I remembered about the steampunk group potluck tonight! So, I got up and got moving.

11.5 mile jog. That's my long day for this week! :)

Out & back on the Aldridge Creek Greenway and extra miles around the marina at Ditto Landing. Nice flat paved path, but there's not too much deep green shade on this particular greenway. Because I was working out as the day was warming up, I put on #50 sunscreen, but I must have sweated it off (temp rose from 80-92 degrees in three hours), because my shoulders are feeling a little pink.

Food and eating today is about as healthy as you can be while still being decadent and succumbing to sweet cravings...

Breakfast(before workout): Kashi chewy protein bar chocolate almond flavor.
Lunch: iced smoothie (made with 6 oz. cappuccino fatfree yogurt, 1/2 avocado, 2 tb sf chocolate syrup, 1 c crushed ice) and two medjool dates.
And for Dinner: I'm making 4 bean salad (green, wax, kidney, garbanzo) salad to take to the potluck. As well as a dessert plate of dates, sliced red pears, and Carr's ginger-lemon cookies.
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Exercise: 33 miles total. Long run: 9 miles.

Current Weight: 135.2 lbs. (BMI of 23) Weight is down some with the increase in exercise; keep an eye on eating healthy and eating enough; don't really need to fixate on losing more right now.

Good: I registered for the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon (in Nashville, TN on November 22, 2009).

Bad (but silver lining?): last sugar binge was 9 days ago.

Today: 2.5 mile walk (good for a stretch and sunshine, but it was mid-90's hot and I was feeling crampy "girl stuff" puny today)
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current weight: 138.2

followed a couple of hours later by a frosting binge. (got frustrated while decorating a cake to take into work; the cake looks sloppy and that's the way I feel too.) :(

thinks of kiwi, her mice, her comments about a recent book and laboratory testing results; yeah, I see the connection.

later edit: 2.5 mile walk.


Jul. 6th, 2009 07:48 am
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current weight: 140.4
M 5 miles.

random thing: I like being being able to wrap and tuck a standard size bath towel around my body.
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weight: 143.4*

Th 2.5
F 5
S 4.5
Sn 5 total=17 miles

I feel good about myself for getting back on track this week!

Later edit: Starting off this week with a 5 mile jog today on the trails at Point Mallard.

*note to self about weight: just because I was able to lose -6.5 lbs of the previous two week's binge bloat in a single "good" week DOES NOT mean I want to keep repeating this type of (dieter's dysfunctional) quick yo-yo cycle. I feel lucky that I was able to get out of the negative downslide, but have to work on staying consistent with healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors. Pay attention to all the positive results of mindfully appropriate eating and regular exercise!

I'm loving my new kitchen appliance; have been enjoying blending up yummy healthy smoothies (avocado and other flavors).

Entertainment, not health related, I finally got myself registered for a Netflix account. Have some good movies waiting in my queue (starting off with the complete seasons of Simon Pegg's Brit com series SPACED) and am liking the Watch It Now feature (which my computer handles well!). Watched AMERICAN ZOMBIE last night, a faux documentary that is now on my short list of favorite zombie films! The plot, about indie filmmakers shooting a film on zombies emerging as a discriminated against undead minority and community/sub-culture, is played straight and presented with more irony than gore but is still slyly amusing and witty.
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current weight: 140.8 lbs.*
5 mile jog. Collected two wolf whistles and one cat call from guys in passing vehicles. (in today's delusional bubble, I'll consider those compliments.)
Later Edit: and a 2.5 mile walk during my dinner break at work.

the rest of Sunday:
-took a shower
-watched a documentary on Showtime about the sexual reassignment surgery clinic in Trinidad Colorado.
-shopping at Walmart (I must have been thirsty, I bought ginger ale, V-8 and grapefruit juice, none of which were on my original shopping list. I also bought cake decorating supplies, in the hardware section--to try out the suggestion of using broad putty/spackling knives for frosting cakes)
-cooked dinner, Boca (soy crumbles) sloppy joes
-washed dishes
-fussed around with fabrics, but haven't actually started sewing yet. :(
-read a book
Book #34 Ingalls, Rachel MRS. CALIBAN Harvard Common Press: 1983. Slight literary novel about a housewife's crumbling relationships with her emotionally absent husband, needy best friend, and a monster.
-fell asleep at 8 pm!
-pissed off my daughter by not answering my phone after 8 pm.

*am changing my (scale number) tag from weight to health; just a slight reframing.

Maybe someday I'll write an entry with more actual thought content instead of just making list posts.


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