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If cats have nine lives, I think I'm running through them. Trying to feel good about running and stuffs, but am very depressed today as well.

Ashes got outside last night and I haven't seen him since.

WTF is it about me (and my crappy little apartment) and pets? I've had two cats run away and one cat die since I moved in.

I'm hoping Ashes shows up. He had been a semi outdoor cat before I adopted him. He had previously displayed the habit of at least attemping to get past me at the door and outside, but before he never went far and always came back within a few minutes. Last night, he got out again as I was coming in. I went out after him, but he did his "wild attack cat" thing (hissing, growling, jumping at me and scratching me) when I got close. I went inside to get the broom (to see if I could "herd cats") but when I went back out, he was gone and I couldn't find him.

I was up and down all night; thinking every noise was him meowing or scratching at the door to be let in, but it wasn't.

I left out food and water by the door today.


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