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I may have posted this before, but after having yet another mediocre first date meetup, I'm thinking more about the concept...

"Quirkyalone" deconstructs stereotypes of singlehood. It's for singles who enjoy being single but remain open to a variety of romantic relationships, either for themselves or for others.
http://onely.org/ http://quirkyalone.net/qa/peoplelikeus.php

What is the difference between being a "quirkyalone" and being single?

A: Saying you are single is a code word for saying "I'm available. Let's couple up." A quirkyalone is not opposed to being in a relationship, but has come to appreciate singledom as a natural state and a way to live a fulfilling life. Quirky-alones are romantic — they are not loners — but they would rather spend time hanging out with best friends, people they have an authentic and meaningful relationship with, than spending time with someone they don't really connect with.

Q: What do you mean by the word "quirky"?

A: It does not mean strange, or bizarre or eccentric. Quirkyalones are romantic, but they don't consider themselves to be part of the mainstream. They are not cookie-cutter Americans. They would not go on Average Joe to find love.

Quirkyalone stands in opposition to saccharine, archaic notions of romantic love. It stands for self-respect, independent spirit, creativity, true love and confidence.


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