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Amazing how a little extra money in the bank can bring peace of mind....

Child support settlement is a done deal. Hannah's father has no further responsibilities towards her. He may have gotten off with a good financial deal, but all the real losses are on his part and always have been through the years of his absence from his daughter's life.

After seeing the bank balance, I did several things. Called Hannah. Called the Saturn Dealership and made an appointment to take my car in for repairs (Friday...please, car, just don't crap out on me in the next two days!) Registered for the Delano 12 Hour Run. I know, the race isn't until next March, but...btw, the other ultra I'm doing in January is filled already. And it feels good to have my two 50's set and squared away!

Since I won't have a car that day, am taking Friday off work. Will be spending my time in the kitchen baking. Got a cake commission from JJ for Chris' 10th birthday this weekend. I'm thinking a soccer theme cake for the boy. lol..except it's almost no fun/too easy to use the half-sphere soccer ball cakepan for it's intended design. :)

Easy 2.5 mile walk and talk at lunch today.


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