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I bopped down 6th avenue after work last night and had this text tattoo inked by Daniel at Ink City Tattoo, Decatur AL. lol..I felt a touch disloyal not going to Blue Rose, but had decided to get a small piece from a local shop since I'm living in Decatur now.(For big creative work, Greg Ross remains my artist of choice!) btw, Ink City is where Greg used to work before he opened his own shop in Huntsville, and he still does tats for/on several of the artists there.

I had been looking at my steampunk portrait and noticed the curve of blank space next to the bee at the crook of my elbow. Bingo. :) Its similar to the lowercase h on my hand, but is an original font. I wanted the writing to fit the words, designed to look decorative as well as a little off kilter. fyi: as inked, the letter "r" is altered just a bit from the style as written here, so they won't be as easily misread as being the letter "v".

B.'s most frequent term of endearment is to call me his "pretty girl", but sometimes he also (just as affectionately) refers to me as a "pretty crazy girl"-- to which he'll futher tease about if the phrase in use contains a comma or not, as in "pretty, crazy" or just "pretty crazy". :)

I've actually thought about a "crazy" text tattoo before, but it's only B. who has gotten me to accept the "pretty". Now it is a part of me.
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I've got to ask Hannah or someone to help me get some non-blurry photos; I just can't quite contort my body and hold the camera steady at the same time to do so myself. Really should get a whole set of images to document all my tattoos and my 50-project.

This pomegranate is #43. Inked by Laura (thought it was appropriate to get this one from the female shop artist); inner left arm above elbow.

44) string of beads (Greg is starting in April, may take 2 sittings)
45-46-47) three blue roses from the Blue Rose staff, Greg, Matt, Laura
48) Buddha eyes
49) Ephemera script
50) conjoined twin dolls

List is subject to the whims of change between now and my birthday in August...
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I got a "just because" and "just for me" tattoo today. Sweet. :)
Hannah's cherry blossom armpiece looks great too, but I'll let her post to her own journal.

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Stopped by the Blue Rose yesterday and had a chat with Greg about my next tattoo.
*WHINE* Talk about delayed gratification, I booked his next available appointment on JULY 10!!! Well, I'm not going to flake out and get inked by any old scratcher; here in Huntsville, Greg is the artist I want to get work from.

Check out some of his recent work; he just keeps getting better: http://www.thebluerosetattoo.com/greg.html

The piece will be a steampunk clockwork key and gears design on my left ankle/calf. (about the same size and opposite location as the little mermaid I have on my other leg) I brought some reference photos and sketches to show and leave with Greg, but am going to let him do the actual design. He's got some wicked ideas about (and skills for) perspective and making it a more "realistic" biomechanical effect, which is exactly what I'm after--think clockwork doll with a few of the windup bits revealed.

This will be the third tattoo I've gotten from Greg. The others being my anatomy figure, on my thigh, and my Pain/Love rose on my forearm.


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