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May. 5th, 2011 10:47 am
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I have an appointment with Caroline at Blue Rose on Friday evening to get my latest tattoo.

A design for Desmond. (done before Mother's Day.)

Cliche but heartfelt, a copy of his newborn footprint. (print of his left foot on my left ankle)

Personalized with the addition of mercury/cherub wings on the heel (good mojo for encouraging my grandson to be a runnerboy, if he wants to be as he grows up!)

With his initials monogrammed underneath. (I had to check, monograms are traditionally arranged First Name-Last Name-Middle Name, so D-L-A in a script font; with the surname initial often being larger or fancier in the design.)

Maybe done in blue ink?

Pictures later, of course, but here's the (latest revised) working sketch:

(hmmm..need to still fuss with the feathers. LOL..especially since my sister told me they looked more like a chicken than a cherub; so, I softened and plumped them up some. And I tweaked the monogram spacing to move the "A" just a bit farther away from the "L")

Oh, btw, I had some tattoo documentation done recently by Hannah's photographer friend Kat. I'll pick up the Cd of images next time I'm up visiting in Tennessee. Then I'll be able to work some on my 50X50 photo essay. lol..along with Desmond's baby quilt, I would kind of like to get this project done this year (before I turn 51).

This will be tattoo #52, if anyone is still keeping count. :)
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here's the girls!

Greg Ross (of Blue Rose Tattoo, Huntsville AL) at work

Six hours of running yesterday, followed by six hours of getting tattooed. I'm hurting but happy!
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M Rest
T 3.5
W 3.75
Th 6.5
F Gym
Sat 22 Gym/2 arc trainer GREAT hill and trail long run!!
Sun 12.5 Gym/3.25 treadmill

total= 53 miles 3 Gym sessions

This fleur de lis outline in my "in training" tattoo (#49!) for the Rouge-Orleans Ultra next March. It's on the outside of my lower right leg, where I can see it and be reminded of my goal. I'll get the tattoo coloured and completed after the race....

And a pic of #48, script which pretty much sums up my mental state. :) Have an apointment in two weeks for TATTOO #50; will be something symbolic of my being a twin.

Book #56 Blum, Jenna. STORMCHASERS: A Novel. Newy York, Dutton: 2010.
Twenty years after her bipolar twin brother's penchant for chasing tornadoes leads to deadly consequences and a dark secret they share, Karena Jorge finds out that he has escaped from a psychiatric ward, prompting her to join a band of professional stormchasers in hope of finding her twin.

M 5 mile walk (just to stretch and think)

new ink

May. 27th, 2010 08:50 am
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Got some more tattoo work done by Greg at Blue Rose on Tuesday evening. :) I'm up to #46.

Got my zencat tat touched up; I quite like him in this wisdom-eyed incarnation.

A remembrance of summer, sketched from the thistle bouquet I picked last week; also for the TATM--as I saw the first thistle bloom of the season along the trails there. Placement is above the ankle on my right inside lower leg. This one was a little hurty to get (which seemed appropriate for a prickly thistle)and is making itself known today as well as it heals.

and old ink :)

Sometimes I pout a bit that my tattoo collection is so piecemeal and randomly composed of lots of small designs, rather than being something like kick ass large cohesive sleeves or a full coverage backpiece. But most of the time I'm content (with the content). The scrapbook/journal effect suits me, and it also nods back to "old school" and vintage tattoo style.

Thanks to B. for the pics!
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signature "h" lol-this is scan of my hand.

At the moment, this zencat tattoo is more tribal/stylized, with just the eyes and the dark mask markings, and does not include the outer cream colored "ruff" defining the cat's face. I know a photo would help, and I will post one as soon as I can, but any opinions as to if I should add it?

New Ink

Jul. 10th, 2009 11:37 pm
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I may just still be endorphin high, but I'm loving my new tattoo! Freshly inked (in a six hour session) by Greg Ross of Blue Rose Tattoo. Love the fantastical victorianesque design of steampunk clockwork gears with an ornate windup-key. Love the colors.

fyi: the number 46 on the key refers to the number of miles I completed in the 12 hour Delano Park ultramarathon.

Oh, and I finished Book #40 WHILE I was getting tattooed.

40)McDougall, Christopher. BORN TO RUN: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen. Knopf: 2009.
Excellent nonfiction. BORN TO RUN is part story, part how-to, part scientific look at the physiology and anthropology of running, as well as part history of ultramarathoning. It's a lot to pack into a book! Oh, and I may never look at Nike quite the same way again...

It's been a fine day. :)


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