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Sep. 21st, 2009 08:58 am
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current weight: 125.2 lbs.

Obviously a dip due to yesterday's 20 miler, and no doubt will balance out a bit higher again in a day or so...

Maybe though I coulda/shoulda had that slice of pecan pie at Waffle House last night.

Observations: NEVER satisfied. I was in situations Saturday and Sunday nights to observe some other people's bodies in various states of undress. At one party event most of the other women were larger and fleshier than I am. They all looked so voluptuous; I felt scrawny and flat chested in comparison. Sunday was a burlesque performance..a range of body types in the troupe, but all young, perky, and exuberant in their motions. lol...I need to embrace the number the Posey Peep Show girls did called "the cellulite tango".

Fangirling aside: I LOVED the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow (from Coney island) who performed with the local Posies. They did some very interesting things with their bodies; like sword swallowing with fire and blockhead acts. Sigh...major fangirling...I wanna be Insectavora....

I also had gone window shopping over at Bridge Street on Sunday afternoon. There is a place called Papaya that has trendy fun clubwear sorts of stuff; I felt "guilty" shopping there---they cater to a young stickgirl clientele; no plus sizes at all. The feeling I got was that I was an interloper, someone just "passing for thin" and hip.

Later edit: Darn it...I have a blister on my left midsole from long miles in rain damp socks yesterday. I'm sure my foot will be fine an a day or so, but it's annoyingly tender today. Where's my ducttape? (seriously, ducttape works well for covering bandaged blisters and reducing friction)
4 mile stretch/walk.
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Current weight: 132.8 lbs. Seems that I've slipped into weight loss mode again these last two weeks.

Thoughts on that later..

but I feel like this storybook character: (That's the camel with the wrinkled knees from the Raggedy Ann books) Only my wrinkles are on tummy, butt and thighs where I have loose skin from all the weight loss. Also known as the post weight reduction Shar-Pei look. :/

later edit: 6 mile jog.
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3.5 mile jog. Hope to get some longer less lazy distances in this weekend if the weather cooperates well enough.

My vanity is appeased: I'm wearing size 8 Levi's jeans. Granted, they are well worn in handmedowns, but still this is good enough for me. :)
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Current weight: 146.4 lbs
Change from last week: -1.6 lb
Total Change: -78.6 lbs

note to self: see... Wednesday night's lasagna didn't instantly put 5 lbs back on ya or anything....does exercising like a crazy person mean I can eat like a normal one?

Actually, I don't think I'm over exercising. I'm pleased with my progress and current level of activity. 30-35 miles per week of jogging is a decent distance training amount; I could participate in 10k to half marathon races again and be able to enjoy those distances.

Yes, I've gotten where I am (positively?) addicted to the exercise, but I am not showing exercise bulimia. Fretting about Italian food besides, I am not just or really using exercise to work off calories or as punishment for eating "bad" foods. Yes, I schedule exercise into my day, but it doesn't interfere with the rest of life.

Still working on figuring out calorie levels to maintain weight. Still wondering what fluctuation of plus or minus is normal for me? Would be content (no, actually I'd be fucking ecstatic) with long term maintenance of my weight around where it is (in a 145-150 lb range). I don't need to keep losing; I don't need to heed the vanity voice inside calling out "but you COULD...". I'm not 20 anymore and I don't need to weigh 120. Being skinnier is not going to make me any prettier or any happier.

Is this clear thinking or rationalization on my part?

Culturally, why do women (more so than men?) have issues like these? Personally, why do I get so obsessed with all this body stuff anyway?
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OMG....I've lost enough weight to be able to squeeze back into my black leather skirt!!! :)


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