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--my stash
--Stephanie (a coworker/friend, who's also into crafting)
--B (a couple pieces of his mother's)
--Myrna (via Deanna, a lovely cameo and a rhinestone flower, very nice special memorial pieces.)
--Melinda (besides some jewelry bits, she also gave me some essential oil samples; can use to scent my bouquet!)
-Coleen (my twin sister has been shopping up a storm for me!)
-Kardia (fandom friend send me a nice butterfly pin and some pearls that should work in)
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For my brooch bouquet

--my stash
--Stephanie (a coworker/friend, who's also into crafting)
--B (a couple pieces of his mother's)
--Myrna (via Deanna, a lovely cameo and a rhinestone flower, very nice special memorial pieces.)
--Melinda (besides some jewelry bits, she also gave me some essential oil samples; can use to scent my bouquet!)

A couple folks have asked for my address to send items:

Heather Whiteside
6103 Deramus Ave. NW
Huntsville AL 35806

Thanks to all; this really makes me happy.

OK; I'm done with online shopping for a while for this project. Will see what friends contribute and how it all pulls together from there. Today, I started off with a buy-it-now ebay sale and then the seller made me some additional deals on other peices; picked up 6 nice vintage brooches and another 8 filler pieces. Good color selections. All total, I've spent 65$ on jewelry, but that's for 18 pieces. Anway, the woman I did business with today was very nice and even asked me to send her a picture of the finished brooch bouquet. (greendayfan518@msn.c‚Äčom Jerrie) It's very cool how everyone is so enchanted by this project. I know I am!
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Went out to to some of the local craft and fabric stores yesterday, idea shopping. :)
Did pick up one rhinestone flower brooch (purple) and a faux silk bunch of hydrangea from the floral section at Michaels.

I simply love the idea of using the hydrangea flowers as a base and filler for the boquet! it reminds me of when my sisters and I were little girls, visiting our Grandmother Pauline, plucking large snowy balls of blossoms from the bushes in her yard, and "playing bride" with these as our bouquets.

Think I prefer the look of a bouquet made with a combination of blooms and brooches, not just a tight packed sphere of jewelry pieces. Lol..some of those end up somehow reminding me of a head of cauliflower! Not my favorite vegetqble. :)

The main colors for my wedding ensemble are pastel mint green, with accents of pinks, lavender, ivory/white and I love rhinestones (but not as much as I love B).

Am also thinking I'm going include a few figural bug brooches in the mix, ala vanitas imagry. I have a set of rhinestone cicada earrings I bought at a San Francisco boutique years ago, which I will include, but will also keep an eye out for a couple more. Butterflies would probably be the easiest to find, but I'm thinking more beetles & spiders.

Later on, I went through my jewelry box, and B found a couple suitable pieces that were his Mom's; so, between that I've got about dozen brooches so far. Which is only about a third of what I need...so, collecting continues.
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*Laughs at Self* You have to be a hopeless (or is that helpless?) Romantic to have gotten married as many times as I have.

B & I are currently engaged, and are getting closer to actually setting a date. We're thinking sometime in October, since that is my favorite month. Not sure if it will be a Halloween wedding, but you can bet I'll be playing costume dress up regardless!

Originally uploaded by tazzel4

Originally uploaded by tazzel4

Have I mentioned, I can *just* squeeze into and fully zip the 50's prom dress I bought? Still, I think I''m going to have to fuss with altering it to get the comfiest fit and best look. Am going to redo the worn out bodice lining and replace the boning, adding just a smidge more room around the ribcage measurement. I *hope/think* I will be able to do this WITHOUT changing the nicely ruched chiffon fabric of the outer bodice, as I think it has just enough "give". (first three photos in this album)

I bought a era-proper pretty light pink petticoat to wear underneath. May add a ruffle or lace trim to it to peek out from under the skirt. I'm lazy and hate gathering tulle, so I picked one up from an etsy shop rather than sew my own. Just went with a medium fullness, as I have plenty of hips and bustle all on my own. http://www.etsy.com/listing/81811110/pink-tea-length-crinoline-medium Also just ebayed a strapless longline bra; guess all I'm lacking now are lace panties...

Realized somewhere along the way that my embellished parasol project will match and accessorize quite nicely; so maybe I'll find the motivation to finish it up! http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1711403476473.2083723.1579734408&type=3&l=6dce5660f4

Have also got in mind to craft a brooch bouquet, so have started collecting ideas and jewelery pieces for that.

TO ANY OF MY FRIENDS: I WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU HAVE A PIECE OF COSTUME JEWELERY TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE BOUQUET PROJECT. Including pieces from friends would make it ever so much more special and meaningful. :)


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