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I wish I knew how to kick start myself out of bed earlier these days....(NIKE time...JUST DO IT) Even with not having to be to the library til noon, I still didn't get out of the house in time for jogging like I intended to. Which means the best I can do today is a short jog at break time later on this afternoon...

starters (ideas for fixing this problem and the broken record of complaining about it):
--Set alarm clock, but place it out of arm's reach away from the bed
--prepare exercise gear at night, so I won't be hunting for it in the mornings
--wear "motivational" t-shirts (like the one I got from the Delano Park ultra run)
--Don't get online "just" to check email and LJ til AFTER getting back from exercising

However, I did manage to get a few productive things done this morning.
--IM chat with Suzie
--paid utility bill at downtown office
--Weight Watcher's meeting
--quick browse at Thrift Mart (same shopping center as WW)

weight & exercise stuff: Current weight=137 lbs; BMI=23.5* Over the last four weeks, I'm down -1.6 lbs, but it's been gradual, back and forth, and is in the realm of normal fluctuations; so basically, I've been maintaining. Feeling like I'm not quite doing as much jogging mileage as I *want* to be, but I guess at least I've learned that around 20 miles per week is the MINIMUM I need for keeping my fitness level.

*http://www.webmd.com/diet/calc-bmi-plus This fitness caculator takes into account more than just the standard weight to hieght numbers for BMI!

Later Edit: 3.5 mile jog.
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So... I want to keep my weight around where it is now. I want to keep wearing the size clothes I currently fit into. I want to keep up my fitness level. So far, so good, the numbers over the last month have stayed pretty stable-- but I'm still feeling wobbly about maintenance behaviors and habits.

I may even be more obsessive than I have been about keeping track of things for a while here, accountablitity and making sure I don't slide back into bad habits or laziness. Figuring out what and how I can eat to maintain. May just post all the boring numbers and food lists private tho.

Was browsing online at the running club sites for groups here locally and in Nashville. Hmm...a few 10ks on the calendar, but not many races coming up for the summer months; too damn hot I guess. But I need something to keep me motivated...maybe look ahead to doing some marathons later in the fall. Wouldn't really have to kick up training until August; just hold steady for the next several months. 5-6 days per week; 20-30 miles per week; long runs in the 8-11 mile range...

3.5 mile walk at lunch today.
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current weight: 138.6 lb
4 mile jog.

I'm just not disciplined enough to stay on track during vacation/convention weekends, but I'm back to it now.
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5 mile jog. 40 degrees and drizzling; and possible snow flurries in the forecast! But,but, what about the irises, the lilacs and the dogwwod blossoms?

weigh in at WW meeting.
Current weight: 138.8 lb
Change since last weigh in (2 weeks): -.8 lb
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Current weight: 142 lbs
Change since last weigh in (1 week): -.8 lbs
Total loss= 83 lbs
BMI: 24.4

I'm sure it's going to take a while for my body to really settle down. I intentionally ate a bit carb heavy a few days this past week before the race. Obviously, I got LOTS of calorie expending exercise yesterday--but I also ate like a (race)horse. Kept fueled up during the race with lots of gatorade, protein bars, a handful of peanut M&Ms, and a couple cups of blessedly warm coffee. Afterwards, Hannah and I went to dinner at Tim's Cajun Kitchen; where I celebrated and devoured an oyster poorboy with onion rings and bread pudding. Back to more sensible eating again today. :)
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Current weight: 142.8 lbs
Change since last weigh in (1 week): -1.6 lbs
Total loss= 82.1 lbs
BMI: 24.5

heh...bet most of this loss was the result of wearing long sleeved black out in the sun all afternoon yesterday and just dehydrated water loss.

Hmmm...so, I've lost 5 more pounds over the last month. That's with one binge and New Orleans excesses. And some slightly lower exercise amounts. Still working on the health & maintenance thing (and guess I always will be!)

later edit: 4 mile fast jog.
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Have had a few days to recover from the excesses of Mardi Gras; it's the start of a new month; I hopped on the scale this morning.

Current weight: 144.4 lbs
Change since last weigh in (2 weeks) -2 lbs
Total loss= 80.5 lbs)

LOL...well, what do you know, I finally dipped into the normal BMI range!!!

5 mile SNOWY jog this morning. (of course, the weather has cleared now)
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Current weight: 146.4 lbs
Change from last week: -1.6 lb
Total Change: -78.6 lbs

note to self: see... Wednesday night's lasagna didn't instantly put 5 lbs back on ya or anything....does exercising like a crazy person mean I can eat like a normal one?

Actually, I don't think I'm over exercising. I'm pleased with my progress and current level of activity. 30-35 miles per week of jogging is a decent distance training amount; I could participate in 10k to half marathon races again and be able to enjoy those distances.

Yes, I've gotten where I am (positively?) addicted to the exercise, but I am not showing exercise bulimia. Fretting about Italian food besides, I am not just or really using exercise to work off calories or as punishment for eating "bad" foods. Yes, I schedule exercise into my day, but it doesn't interfere with the rest of life.

Still working on figuring out calorie levels to maintain weight. Still wondering what fluctuation of plus or minus is normal for me? Would be content (no, actually I'd be fucking ecstatic) with long term maintenance of my weight around where it is (in a 145-150 lb range). I don't need to keep losing; I don't need to heed the vanity voice inside calling out "but you COULD...". I'm not 20 anymore and I don't need to weigh 120. Being skinnier is not going to make me any prettier or any happier.

Is this clear thinking or rationalization on my part?

Culturally, why do women (more so than men?) have issues like these? Personally, why do I get so obsessed with all this body stuff anyway?
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Current weight: 152.4 lb
Change from last week: -4 lb
Total Change: -72.6 lb

Is it strange or just the way my body is working things out? For at least the last two or three months, I stall out and don't loose anything much for a couple of weeks, then I have a couple of weeks with large weight drops?
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Current weight: 156.4 lb
Change from last week: -4.6 lb
Total Change: -68.6 lb

Well what do you know.... I took a somewhat easier exercise week, ate a couple hundred more calories per day, and dropped almost 5 pounds! :) Will try about the same plan for this week and see what happens.

Reality check time....I *think* I'm about done losing weight? Have I done enough?

exercise note: F 5 mile jog. Almost wussed out and took a rest day because it was so cold today.
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Current weight: 161 lb
Change from last week: +.8 lb
Total Change: -64 lb

will write some thoughts on "what am I doing wrong when I'm NOT doing anything wrong?" later.
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Current weight: 160.2 lb
Change from last week: -1.4 lb
Total Change: -64.8 lb

vanity (#10): I went window shopping yesterday, was able to *squeeze* into a pair of size 10 pants. I've dropped at least 10 clothing sizes. I've lowered my BMI by 10 points. I can jog 10 miles. I lost 10 lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years; that's much better than gaining over the holidays! But I could/should lose 10 more pounds.

exercise note: short 2.5 mile lunch walk
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Current weight: 161.6 lb
Change from last week: -.2 lb
Total Change: -63.4 lb

Another stall out on the weight loss. Oh well, at least it was six weeks, -17 pounds, and another reduction in clothing size since the last plateau.

Hmmm...similarities between those two weeks... almost Thanksgiving & Christmas; not off diet but some sugar treat eating (lol--actually fruit pancakes at Cracker Barrel both times); higher distances in exercise 34 & 36 miles; fooled ya cycles, spotting but not really starting my period yet.

The human body is an odd thing.


Dec. 19th, 2008 06:46 am
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Current weight: 161.8 lb
Change from last week: -3.2 lb
Total Change: -63.2 lb

tmi: annoying_inconvenient_body_wonky_girl_stuff )


Dec. 12th, 2008 07:22 am
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Current weight: 165 lbs
Change from last week: -2.2 lb
Total Change: -60 lb


Dec. 5th, 2008 06:52 am
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Current weight: 167.2 lb
Change from last week: -3.2 lb
Total Change: -57.8 lb

Am expecting a low loss next week, as the last three weeks have seen big drops. I guess mixing up my workouts with jogging and walking has helped, and the couple of earlier weeks where I plateaued was just my body readjusting.

Went over the the Flying Monkey last night to listen to some fine music. The Huntsville Gallery Tour was also going on, so all the shops and studios were open too! Really enjoyed Mambo Gris Gris; would have enjoyed it more if I knew how to dance salsa, chacha or zydeco (and had someone to kick up my heels with), but happily settled this evening for toe-tapping listening and watching the folks who did know the steps! Also had a nice chat with the owner of Karma Rags (and of course found something I wanted to buy), and stopped in briefly to say hello to [livejournal.com profile] theverticalbar. The Flying Monkey Arts Center is such a wonderful place; I really want to make the effort to go from being just an avid event attendee to being a more active creative part of this community.
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Current weight: 170.4 lb
Change from last week: -5 lbs
Total Change: -54.6 lbs

No, I have not been starving myself either...

I have made good progress these last six months; weight's down, lowered my BMI from obese to merely overweight, have lost inches (yes, Hannah, I know I'll always have a big butt, and that if I lose too much weight I'll have no boobs), have done well with exercising; do feel muchly better, more fit and healthy.

But what should my ultimate goal be?

The charts say I am still overweight at the moment (yeah, I know, I'm not there yet), but could be healthy and weigh anywhere between 110-145. I've never been able to maintain a really low weight, (except by marathon training levels of exercise) and the yoyoing I've done over the years isn't healthy either.

140 would be another -30 lbs...could I do that?

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Current weight: 175.4 lb
Change from last week: -3.2 lb
Total Change: -49.6 lb

See, perseverance and patience pays off (and successfully staying away from the sugar goodies from 2 parties at work this last week) :)

Did ya notice? I am a-l-m-o-s-t to a nice big "fat" round number of having lost 50 lbs. :)
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Current weight: 178.6 pounds
Change from last week: +1.2 lbs
Total Change: -46.4 lbs

I'm stalled and in reverse. I hate when this happens. :(

I had maybe two days of non-diet eating this week. But it wasn't out of control binging or anything.

I exercised every day this week, and had a good long walk in there. I was really hoping I'd still see a slight loss or balance out, but no I gained.

Not the end of the world.


Nov. 7th, 2008 07:30 am
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Current weight: 177.4 pounds
Change from last week: -1.2 lbs
Total Change: -47.6 lbs

exercise for week: 30 miles total

no morning walk yet today, it's raining. :(


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