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Left: Side view showing contouring of face. Pleased with it; lots of depth. Haven't added eyes or ears yet, and probably won't on this sample. Life size. I like the size it turned out; you can see the glasses fit well. I will have to add more stuffing onto back of head or under wig to get that shape correct. Andy may want me to work on the expression (how to stitch a scowl instead of a small smile?) but I sure feel better about this as a starting place than I did after my first fumbling attempts!

Center: Ruthie Rumble 3/4 view. Sculpted nylon over batting base head (sewed and stuffed Sharon Mitchell's Patroness pattern, pic below, just using batting; turned and stuffed as for doll, and added more stuffing, over top of base but under nylon, to nose and cheeks before sculpting). Will try to remember to get more working in-progress pics when doing next (still practicing) head.This is just my third practice head; the first two were definitely a part of my learning curve and went right in the trash.

Right:Front face. Showing some added colour with watercolour pencils. Wig is not the one ordered for finished doll; just one I had in my stash from last year's Jedi Librarian costume. Glasses are mine, but I think I will have to find a pair of granny frames for her? You can see where the chin laddered badly and I had to stitch it up. Would that happen if I doubled the nt\ylon or of I used the larger thigh section from a pair of pantyhose rather than the knee highs I used here? Still think other material might be sturdier in the long run than hosiery.

Need to read though the Lisa Lichtenfels workbook I have on the Basic Head to get some more ideas/information about building up the base and sculpting over it. She does it from a skull form, adding muscles and layers to get to the skin. I'm wondering if I should spend the money and get her Basic Body book as well; might have some hints for working large; the majority of her work is life size and hyper realistic.  Ha...signed up for an Amazon Credit Card and got a 50.00 free gift card, which I used to purchase the Basic Body book via Amazon. :)  .http://lisalichtenfels.net 

1. base head pattern

2. Base head pattern sewn in batting

3. base head stuffed

4. base head stufffed and knee high hosiery

5. Nylon cover and extra dry packing added for nose and cheeks.

Ready to Sculpt:. See (for sample tutorial):http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/3788903/post172621072/


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