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Spent Sunday and Monday at my daughter's. Sunday, we all just hung out around the house. Hannah had a sinus infection and wasn't feeling too good. Ken was a good hubby and just let her rest all day. I had MLK day off work, so I stayed and I babysat for her on Monday evening so she could go to a meeting. She and I got up for an early morning walk on Monday; that was nice. I also got a sketch done for her for a tattoo she wants; I think it still needs some work, but it's a start. And I did some strengthening paper mache-ing on the belly cast we did when she was pregnant almost three years ago with Lennon. So, I kept busy while there. The boys were good while I babysat; Desmond kept himself amused for quite a while with drawing, he'd taken a cardboard box apart and drew on it like a big mural.

Found out, earlier in the week, via my older sister Lisa, that my Aunt Marge was in the hospital. She died Sunday night. Lisa says Dad was pretty shaken up. He's been taking care of her for years now. At least his other sister, Nonnie and a couple of her girls came over during the days in the hospital.  As usual (and to a bit of guilty feelings) Lisa was the one from our immediate family helping Dad cope and deal with things. I don't like thinking how I'd feel if one of my siblings died. Aunt Marge was a good woman; I should have seen her more in recent years than I did.

I felt a little down, depressed and binge ate a bit. Resulting in no less sadness and an upset digestive sysytem today.

Stayed at Hannah's until it was time for Desmond to go to school this morning, then drove on home. I needed to change clothes before work. Made the mistake of leaving the back door open and Josette, our calico cat got out.  I had to wake B up to help me get her back inside the house. Yeah, it hasn't been that great a day today. And it is rainy as well.

That was quick. I already got the doll book, The Basic Body, in the mail. Am still waiting on another book I ordered earlier. Guess I'll read some of it during my dinner break tonight here at work. Am orderinga  couple more sample yards of fabrics to try out on the head. Do have the thermasilk shirt I can try cutting up and using , and have already ordered some poly stretch from a doll making supply site.

Trying to decide if I want to stay home and doll work this next weekend, or go up to Nashville on Saturday for the "sister" Women's March.


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