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1)Siegel, Mark. SAILOR TWAIN: Or the Mermaid in the Hudson. First Second: 2012.  400p
"This extraordinary work of fiction pushes the graphic novel well beyond its previous limits"  (--Pete Hamil) A mysterious and beguiling love story with elements of Poe, Twain, Hemingway, and Greek mythology, drawn in moody black-and-white charcoal Sailor Twain s a study in romance, atmosphere, and suspense. Sailor Twain is one of The Washington Post's Top 10 Graphic/Comic Reads of 2012

2) Manley, Will.  THE TRUTH ABOUT REFERENCE LIBRARIANS. McFarland and Co: 1996.  154p.
It's not "UNSHELVED" but it was an amusing staff development diversion (maybe I'll develop a sense of humor at work?)

3)  Martin, George R. R. GAME OF THRONES (Book 1: Song of Ice & Fire) Bantam: 2011. (829 p; minus 300 read in 2012)
In A Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin rewards readers with a vividly real world, well-drawn characters, complex but coherent plotting, and beautifully constructed prose, which Locus called "well above the norms of the genre."Martin's Seven Kingdoms resemble England during the Wars of the Roses, with the Stark and Lannister families standing in for the Yorks and Lancasters The book .follow as host of characters through a myriad of subplots. The story of these two families and their struggle to control the Iron Throne dominates the foreground; in the background is a huge, ancient wall marking the northern border, beyond which barbarians, ice vampires, and direwolves menace the south as years-long winter advances. Abroad, a dragon princess lives among horse nomads and dreams of fiery reconquest.There is much bloodshed, cruelty, and death, but A Game of Thrones is nevertheless compelling; it garnered a Nebula nomination and won the 1996 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel.( Amazon review)

I will most likely go ahead an pick up the second volume in the series right away and read it over the next month, before the corresponding season of the HBO adaption is released on DVD

Have also began reading Victor Hugo's LES MISERABLES; 100 pages in.

Lol....add it up; I have read 1188 pages in the first week of 2013. (Granted 400 pages were in quickly read graphic novel format.)

Week's exercise count:
M 16 miles (DNF in a 50K event)
T  gym;1 mile walk
W  6 mile walk
Th 1 mile walk
F gym; 2 miles on elliptical
S gym;. 4.5 miles on elliptical
Sn (we'll see and I'll update later) rest
Total=29.5 miles  2013= 13.5 miles  gym count= 3

Had to stop in the middle of the Recover From The Holidays event (last run of 2012), with my hip hurting. Dammit; I DID NOT want this to flare up again, but it has. Was only really bad on Monday and into Tues, but then settled down into this lingering annoying ache. So, trying to find a balance between doing something and not pushing too hard. Hope I figure out how to remedy this, or figure out how to live with it.

Well, guess those are going to be my final numbers for the week. B "never" gets sick, but he's down with the flu this weekend. Having to call off from work was hard enough for him, but he's also PO'ed that he won't get in his planned heavy lift at the gym today. So, no gym or cardio for me today either; other than running to the store for cold remedies, I'll stay home to be a helpmate at my master's beck & call (or cough and sneeze).

Not a perfect week, but I definitely ate better than I had been (for way too long), so I'll look at is as successful. BTW, I am not even stepping on a scale this month. Maybe I'll just keep it that way; I -obviously- like playing numbers games, but the diet/weight loss one is problematic for me.

Wrote an entry for the Library Blog.
Have been cutting out quilt pieces ( and hope to have everything cut out today).

LOL...I was making myself a little crazy trying to figure out how many of what fabric to cut (9 appliqued stars; each star has 8 pieces; and I have at least 20 different fabrics). B tried to help with providing me mathematical equations and formulas, but you can guess where that went... right over my head.:) End result, I'll probably have cut out too many pieces, but I'll be able to play around with pieces to my little failed-perfectionist's hearts delight in putting the quilt together.


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