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Jan. 5th, 2011 12:30 pm
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Tues: 3.5 mile Walk.

Wed: 8 miles Run.

38 degrees in the rain.

Tried out my new Sansa MP3 player...which I HAD bought for the 24 hour run, but then didn't use there. (I just got set into my own head and didn't want to try anything new) Today, I listened to Nick Cave's Murder Ballads, the soundtrack for Hedwig & the Angry Inch, and part of the Until the End of the World soundtrack. Yeah, music can be good sometimes!

Still working out a few post-race creaks and kinks. Took it slow today and didn't feel too bad.

Going to have to baby my left foot and heal up the blisters there. With multiple blisters developing, popping and rubbing during the race, I pretty much peeled the skin off most of the upper pad of my left forefoot.

I've got a new fangirl runner's crush on the First Place Freedom Park guy, Jonathan Savage. He's got a very informative website for runners:

I really liked this quote from his FP24 race report: "I believe that timed races like this are one of the purest forms of running. There is nothing but you and the distance - no navigation issues, no logistical problems or anything else to get in the way."

And, hey, what do you know, he also uses Gatorade and Protein powder as on the run fuel!

Lastly, here's someting Barry created for me and my runner friends:
I still want him to come up with a tshirt design for my "not fast but flashy" motto as well. :)


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