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This is one of those times (but not the only one) where I really wish self-loathing hadn't led me to periodically purge my journals (both online and years of bound notebooks and diaries mostly from my teens and 20's.) All the records I have left are contained in this current LJ, random saved ephemera, and the bits and pieces of memories in my head. *pout* but such is life, huh? :(

I *think* I've still got a book I crafted in Book Arts class in 1994 about my tattos up until then. Will look for it at home tonight. Will also create/organize a flickr.com or imagecave.com album of photos I have showing my tattoos.

pics here: http://usera.imagecave.com/ephemeral/portraits/tattoopic/
http://usera.imagecave.com/cloverr/tattoo/ (NOT complete--need to better document ALL ink)

1)heather blossom
My first tattoo. Lyle Tuttle's shop in San Francisco. 1987. Front left shoulder. meaning: my name.
2)Parker carousel horse
York's Tattoo; Great Falls, MT. Right bicep. 1988. (all of York's tats done between 1988-1993) meaning: interest in art of carousels and cowboy/western motif
3)Montana Bitterroot blossom
York's Tattoo. Great Falls, MT. Right bicep. meaning: lived in Montana
4)2nd carousel horse
York's; Great Falls, MT. Right arm.
5)crying eye winged heart
York's, Great Falls, MT. Right arm. meaning: heartache (Bob)
6)anthropomorphic California poppy
York's, Great Falls, MT. right arm. meaning: for the time I lived in CA.
7)welsh dragon
York's, Great Falls. MT. Right arm.
8)sobe igunana
York's, Great falls, MT. Right elbow. meaning: for the iggies I had as pets.
9)flaming rose and bee
Havre, MT. Right arm.
10)mardi gras pixie
York's, Great Falls, MT. Right forearm. meaning: potential for mischevious fun, costuming interests, identity)
11)flash buttterfly
Right forearm
York's; Great Falls, MT. Right inner forearm.
13)carousel band bracelet w/peacock plume
York's; Great Falls, MT. Right wrist.
14)kanji- trust & dragonfly
SanFrancisco, CA 1994. Right arm.
15)flash butterfly
York's. Great Falls, MT Right arm.
16)Art noveau gem design
Erno's tattoo; San Francisco, CA. Mandy Flynn. 1994.
17)cherry with tied stem and blossom
Nashville, TN. Upper right arm.
18)beast paw and rose "serenity"
Alton, IL. Right back shoulder. meaning: breakup tattoo for Steve.
19)flash winged woman
Helena, MT. right shoulder cap.
York's tattoo (by York's daughter). Right inside shoulder.
21)Escher sphinx
Alton, IL. right chest.
22)daggered butterfly
York's, Great Falls, MT. right breast. meaning:more relationship pain.
23)cleavage fox
Nashville TN. between breasts (for Suzie, at the start not end of our relationship.)
24)clover blossom
Nashville TN; Queen of Hearts. Mandy Flynn. Left breast. meaning: Good luck and another one of my self identifiers.
25)celtic wolf paw
Illinois. Left Chest. (for Russ, when things were good.)
26)Omaha cartoon panel
Nashville, TN. Queen of Hearts. Left bicep. (for Sean)
27)kanji- daughter
Nashville TN. Tattoo Convention. Left arm. meaning: my daughter and I have "matching" positive/negative tattoos of this kanji that we got together!
28)ornate skeleton key
Nashville,TN. Lone Wolf. Inner left arm. meaning: commemorate Weight Watchers' Lifetime status)
29)daggered rose--three of swords
Nashville, TN Lone Wolf. Left forearm. (breakup, Phil)
30)jewel centered wings
San Francisco. National tattoo Convention. 1994. Back of neck.
31)Picasso minotaur
Erno Tattoo. San Francisco, CA Right shoulder blade. Meaning: my Art School tattoo.
32)wasp woman corset lacings
Erno Tattoo. San Francisco, CA. Lower back. (2 sessions)
33)sand dollar mermaid for hannah
Erno Tattoo. San Francisco, CA. Right ankle/calf.
Memphis TN. Right thigh. Meaning: Furry Persona.
35)bequest anatomy tattoo
Blue Rose tattoo. Greg Ross. Huntsville, AL Left thigh. (2 sessions) Meaning: commemorate decision to will body to med/science.
36) Love/Pain Ambigram with Rose
Blue Rose Tattoo. Greg Ross. Huntsville, AL. Left forearm (breakup, Russ)
37) Cupcake coverup
Blue Rose Tattoo. Laura. Huntsville, AL Left chest (over celtic wolf paw) meaning:my cake art interest
38) Clockwork/Running tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo. Greg Ross. Huntsville, AL Left calf. meaning: steampunk interest; running accomplishment in Delano 12 hour 2009)
39) Sugar Skull
Blue Rose Tattoo. Greg Ross. Huntsville, AL Left arm. meaning: happy halloween!
40) Flying Monkey. Gregg. left back shoulder. race momento & for arts center
41) Spider left arm at elbow. Laura. weaving my own fate
42)Running with Scissors Greg. Left forearm. After Black Warrior 50K.
43) Pomegranate. Laura. Left bicep. Season's change/menopause
44) lowercase "h". left hand. Matt at Blue Rose. my signature (done on same day as #45)
45) Zen cat. upper back. Greg Ross. wisdom eyes in a siamese face=mindfulness
46) Summer Thistle. Greg Ross. right inside lower leg above ankle. Favorite wildflower/weed. Mementoof the Twisted Ankle Trail Run, where I saw the first thistle blooms of the season.
47) Laura's Blue Rose. upper left arm. Getting blue roses form all the artists at The Blue Rose.


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